The campus is closed and staff will work remotely at least until the governor announces the reopening of the New York City Region. See the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates page.

Remote Voicemail Access & Forwarding Phones

Instructions to Access Cooper Union Voicemail Remotely

1) Dial 212-353-4101 

2) You'll hear the "Thank you for calling Cooper Union" main menu

3) Dial 99

4) When prompted "please enter your mailbox number", key in the last FOUR digits of your Cooper phone number.  E.g. if your number is 212-353-4240, enter just 4240

5) You will now be prompted to enter your usual voicemail security PIN

6) You may now access messages as if you were at the desk, press 1 for new messages, etc.

Instructions to Change Voicemail Greeting

As a reminder, here is the procedure if you need to change your voicemail greeting, for example to inform callers that you are out of the office for an extended period:

1) Log in to your voicemail (see above if logging in remotely)

2) Press 3, then 1, then 3 again

3) Assuming that you have an existing greeting, the voicemail system will play it for you.  It will then prompt you to press 2 to change the greeting.

4) You will be prompted "to start recording, press 2".  Press 2 (a second time)

5) After the tone, speak your new greeting into the phone.  After you conclude what you have to say, press 2 again.

6) You will now hear prompts to review your greeting.  This is recommended, especially if you are using a cell phone, because there may have been cell drops or other problems that make your greeting unintelligible. Press 6 to listen to the greeting as recorded.

7) If you are pleased with it, press 5 to save, otherwise press 2 to re-record it.  To abort this entire action and leave your greeting unchanged, press *

Forward Your Phone

You can forward your office extension to an off-site phone number, such as your personal cell phone.

1) From your extension, dial *2

2) You will hear a tone.  Enter the complete phone number, as if you are trying to dial it from your extension.  For example,  9 1 917 555 1234

3) There is no need to hit #.  When the phone system recognizes a complete valid number, you'll hear another tone.

4) To cancel this, dial #2 from your extension

Note that the above procedure, unfortunately, only works from on-campus. Therefore, if you need to establish forwarding and you are not here, please send an email to me

Also note that when a call forwards from your extension to your cell phone, under some circumstances your cell phone number may be visible to the caller.  If this privacy issue is of concern to you, I recommend that you not forward the extension.

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