Alex Katz Bathing Cap (Ada), 2010 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz Bathing Cap (Ada), 2010 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz The Black Dress, 1960 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz The Black Dress, 1960 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz Sunrise, 2019 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz Sunrise, 2019 © Alex Katz / Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Alex Katz Metropolitan Faces Photo by Etienne Frossard ©2019 Etienne Frossard

Alex Katz Metropolitan Faces Photo by Etienne Frossard ©2019 Etienne Frossard


COOPERMADE Alex Katz: A Conversation with Paint

As one of the best known and prolific artists of his generation, Alex Katz has dedicated his oeuvre to intense observations of the everyday. By deploying bold colors and flattened figures and landscapes, his canvases demonstrate the power of visual perception.

Alex Katz



A hallmark of Cooper's School of Art is its multidisciplinary pedagogy, which requires students to try many artistic methods and to eschew traditional majors. This results in our graduates entering a wide range of fields, including fashion - with some becoming household names.

The Power of Street Style

Accessories Take Center Stage

Dressing the Part

Workwear as High Style

COOPERMADE Seismic Research in Action

Many Cooper engineering alumni have dedicated their careers to creating necessary structures for transportation, water distribution, and energy delivery. These featured alumni have undertaken the important work of protecting those critical pieces of infrastructure from the hazards of earthquakes.

Seismic Research

COOPERMADE Iconic Package Design

Cooper alumni have been behind some of the most iconic package designs of the past 50 years, including the bold orange wrapper of a Reese’s and the jolly mayhem of Wacky Packs. While some of their designs have been updated over the years—including Reese's and the Happy Meal box—their initial concepts still animate much of today's commercial landscape.


Happy Meals

Wacky Packs

COOPERMADE Excellence in Athletics

Alumni from each of The Cooper Union’s three schools—architecture, art, and engineering—have made critical contributions to the planning, identity, and history of organizations dedicated to excellence in athletics: the Olympics, the Paralympics, and the Special Olympics.

Olympics, Paralympics & Special Olympics

COOPERMADE Museum & Exhibition Design

As a school dedicated to architecture, art, and engineering, it’s no surprise that numerous Cooper alumni have worked in different aspects of museum design. The three firms featured in this week’s #COOPERMADE have wide and varied practices. This story highlights their work for museums, work that merges the disciplines of a Cooper education.

Exhibition & Building Design

Building a Narrative

Capital Projects for Non-Profits

COOPERMADE Infrastructure Reimagined

The firm Ballman Khapalova has developed an extraordinary plan to convert a NYC rotary into a multi-use park and community / arts center while keeping it a functioning roadway.

Rotary Park

COOPERMADE Texts on Type

The Cooper Union has produced some of the world’s best known graphic designers and typographers. Not so surprising, then, that Cooper is also the alma mater of authors who’ve written highly influential texts on typography and type design.

Designing with Type

Typography Essentials

Thinking with Type


From iconic movie posters to reimagined silent films to superheroes, we look at four of the many Cooper alumni who have had extraordinary careers related to cinema. Whether as directors, designers, or typographers, they have influenced how stories are told on film. 

Iconic Posters

Fellini Film Titles

Reimagined Films

Wonder Woman


These alumni prove that a Cooper education can provide an extraordinary foundation for careers in medicine, whether as a physician, researcher, or inventor. From public health to cancer screening to personalized medicine to computer-assisted surgery, learn more about these #COOPERMADE medical arts! 


GPS for the Brain

ThinPrep Pap Test

Combatting the AIDS Crisis


Famed illustrator Edward Sorel A'51 reviews his storied career in his new book Profusely Illustrated. From Edward G. Robinson to George W. Bush, he has drawn them all! 

Ed Sorel, A Memoir


From iconic toys to the 5th Avenue holiday window displays, these Cooper alumni make the holidays bright! 

Remco Toys

The Hoberman Sphere

NYC Holiday Window Displays

COOPERMADE Jewelry Design

Jewelry designed by these Cooper alumni spans styles and eras, breaks boundaries of color and sexuality, and defines iconic moments both historic and contemporary. Learn more about these #COOPERMADE pieces that express, adorn, and inspire!

Post-War Biomorphic Designs

Iconic NYC Adornment

Wearable Art History

COOPERMADE Gadgets and Gizmos

Alumni of Peter Cooper's institute have followed in our founder's footsteps by creating countless inventions that we use every day. From escalators to wireless telephones, the revolutionary gadgets and gizmos that move society forward are #COOPERMADE! 

Wireless Telephones

Multi-Angled Mirrors


Lionel Toy Trains

Childproof Caps 

COOPERMADE Architecture with Impact

Cooper’s architecture graduates learn not only how to design a structure, but also how to make it live in the environment and community around it. These alumni each found a space, whether physical or social, where their work would make a difference.

Recyclable Refugee Shelters

An Eco-friendly Community Park

IT Houses

Design with FRANK

COOPERMADE Photography

Whether staged or candid, great photography sheds light on the ordinary and extraordinary alike. It may condemn injustice, celebrate beauty, or point out the ridiculous. This week we consider just a few alumni who have made their mark in the art world as photographers of note. Join these alumni in seeing the world through a new lens.

Images of Life Under Apartheid

Landscapes of Imagination

Portraits of Imagination

COOPERMADE From the Theater to the Stage

From beloved musicals to iconic NYC theaters, Cooper alumni have contributed in big ways to the world of Broadway. As we look forward to a safe return to the art and music we love, we celebrate our graduates who make sure that "the sun will come out tomorrow."


New York's Theater District

COOPERMADE 9/11 Memorials and Monuments

Twenty years ago the events of 9/11 made an indelible impact on our country, and on the Cooper community. Today, and every day, we remember the Cooper alumni who lost their lives that day, and mourn the loss to our community.

Michael Boccardi ME'92
Deborah Gittleman Kaplan CE'77
Eugen Lazar CE'96


Alumni including T.J. Gottesdiener AR’79Julian LaVerdiere A’93John Leeper AR'85, and Daniel Libeskind AR’70 contributed the skills they learned at Cooper and a wealth of professional experience and personal meaning to construct New York's memorials and monuments in remembrance of the lives lost that day. 

Tribute in Light

One World Trade Center

National 9/11 Memorial Museum

COOPERMADE Seats at the Table

Whether engineering new flavors or creating new community spaces, these Cooper alumni offer you a seat at their table. 

Arancini Bros.

Eugene J. Candy Co.

Ruby Slipper

COOPERMADE Air and Space

After Cooper Union launched their careers, these alumni launched our imaginations to the stars and beyond.

A Nobel Prize in Physics

The Voyager Probe Missions


The Manhattan Project

COOPERMADE NYC Landmarks and Legends

From Central Park monuments to the High Line, our alumni have shaped the public spaces and aesthetics of New York for over a century thanks to the education they received at The Cooper Union. 

NYC Sculpture and Monuments

The High Line

Monument to Women's Rights Pioneers 

COOPERMADE Kids Characters

From classic cartoons of the 30s and 40s to picture books we still read to our kids today, the characters of our imagination are #COOPERMADE!


Betty Boop

Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Magic School Bus

Harold and the Purple Crayon


From the water in your tap to the internet in your home office, so many aspects of day-to-day life are #COOPERMADE! 


NYC Tap Water




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