Faculty News 2023


December 07

Cooper Union’s First Undergraduate Research Symposium

Faculty: Barry L. Shoop, Michelle Rosen, Ja-beom Koo, Ruben M. Savizky, Benjamin J. Davis

December 06

New Hires in the School of Engineering

Faculty: Jarvon Carson, Benjamin Garratt

December 05

Assistant Professor Jennifer Weiser’s Recent Publications

Faculty: Jennifer Weiser

December 05

Alumnus Kevin Yao ME’18 ME’20 and Prof. Philip Yecko Published in Physics of Fluids

Faculty: Philip Yecko

December 01

Mechanical Engineering Students and Prof. Kamau Wright Presented at ASME 2022 IMECE

Faculty: Kamau Wright, Jennifer Weiser, Mili Shah

November 22

Assistant Prof. Abigail Raz Awarded 2022 Editor’s Choice Award in Discrete Mathematics

Faculty: Abigail Raz

November 10

New Research on Multiphase Flow Simulation by Professor of Physics Philip Yecko Published in the Journal Computer Physics Communications

Faculty: Philip Yecko

October 10

Three Cooper Alumni and Prof. Sam Keene published in the 2022 Biomedical Sensing and Analysis: Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology

Faculty: Sam Keene

October 04

Professor Samuel Keene and Alumna Sophie Jaro ME’22 Published in the BMC Genome Biology Journal

Faculty: Sam Keene

September 28

New Faculty Departmental Chairs

Faculty: Mili Shah, Cosmas Tzavelis, Benjamin J. Davis

September 28

Cooper Technician Launches App for Gift Cards Using Encrypted Tech

Faculty: Adelya Latifulina, Adelya Latifulina

September 21

Research by Mathematics faculty Stanislav Mintchev published in Nonlinear Dynamics

The publication is titled “Periodically kicked feedforward chains of simple excitable FitzHugh–Nagumo neurons”

Faculty: Stanislav Mintchev

September 15

Professor Topper and Sangjoon Lee ChE’23 Share New Computational Methods for Atmospheric Nanoparticles Research

Since January 2022, chemical engineering student Sangjoon (Bob) Lee ChE’23, has been carrying out research on the nucleation of atmospheric nanoparticles with Robert Q. Topper, professor of chemistry. 

Faculty: Robert Q Topper

September 13

Meet Assistant Professor of Physics Brittany Corn-Agostini

New physics professor researches theoretical quantum mechanics focused on modeling quantum entanglement dynamics

Faculty: Brittany Corn-Agostini

September 06

In Memoriam: Professor Vito Guido

The beloved civil engineering professor, known for his dedication to his field and his students, passed away on September 3.

September 01

Faculty Placed 1st in ASEE ECCNED Best Paper Award

August 29

Panorama Setting: Widening Perspectives at The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture

Faculty: Nader Tehrani

August 10

Everything Will Be on the Table at This Year’s Tallinn Architecture Biennale

An installation that reframes the dining table by students of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture will be on view when the Tallinn Architecture Biennale opens in September

Faculty: Hayley Eber, Mae-ling Lokko

July 29

Brian Swann Looks Back on His 50 Years at Cooper

After a remarkable five decades, Brian Swann, professor of English, retired this past spring from his full-time post as part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty: Brian Swann

July 20

Leslie Hewitt at Dia Bridgehampton

A new body of work by artist Leslie Hewitt, associate professor in the School of Art, is featured in a yearlong exhibition on Long Island

Faculty: Leslie Hewitt

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