Faculty News 2012


December 07

Meet the Deans: Elizabeth O'Donnell

The Associate Dean of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture discusses what shaped her interest in architecture and how she steers the school as Acting Dean

Faculty: Elizabeth O'Donnell

November 29

No Extra Lives: Engineering Safer Drivers

How The C.V. Starr Foundation teamed up with an entrepreneur to create a safe driving instructional system designed like an immersive video game where everybody wins

Faculty: Yashodhan C. Risbud

November 28

Scholarship of a Different Feather

Heidi King, Adjunct Instructor of the Humanities and Social Sciences, releases a stunning new book on ancient Peruvian featherwork

Faculty: Heidi King

November 16

Cooper Union Quickly Convenes "Teach-in" on Preparing Cities for the Next Storm

A mere two weeks after "superstorm" Sandy devastated the New York and New Jersey coasts, Cooper Union’s academic community met in The Great Hall to discuss the infrastructure challenges that remain

Faculty: Kevin Bone, Atina Grossmann

November 14

Meet the Deans: William Germano

The third in our series finds the Dean of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences feeling "lucky"

Faculty: William Germano

November 14

Lebbeus Woods Remembered

Faculty and students recall the work and passion of the famed architect's time at Cooper Union

Faculty: Anthony Vidler, Elizabeth O'Donnell

October 23

Meet the Deans: Saskia Bos

In a candid discussion the School of Art Dean looks at her personal past and the future of the school

Faculty: Saskia Bos

October 22

When Typefaces Talk

The Herb Lubalin Center for Design and Typography has two simultaneous exhibits at Cooper Union. We take a peek inside

Faculty: Alexander Tochilovsky

October 18

Cooper Union and the Four Freedoms Park

On the beautiful Wednesday morning of October 17, 2012, a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the long-delayed completion of Four Freedoms Park, a public memorial park for Franklin D. Roosevelt on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. Cooper Union had its own representation there thanks in part to its catalytic role in reviving interest in the project.

Faculty: Elizabeth O'Donnell

October 17

Meet the Deans: Alan Wolf

The engineering school's Acting Dean talks about his life and the school

Faculty: Alan N. Wolf

October 11

Film After Film: Talking to J. Hoberman

The esteemed film critic and twenty-year adjunct professor at Cooper sits down to talk about his new book, the relationship of politics to film and why he chooses to teach here

Faculty: James Hoberman

September 12

Design Through Translation: David Turnbull and PITCHAfrica

Faculty: David Turnbull

September 11

Forms of Public Address: A Conversation

Saskia Bos and Steven Lam discuss their curatorial strategy and approach, and the wider issues at stake in their exhibition Ruptures: Forms of Public Address.

Faculty: Saskia Bos

September 04

Professor Diane Lewis Contributes to the Foreword

Faculty: Diane H. Lewis

September 04

Professor Diana Agrest Delivers Keynote Speech

Faculty: Diana Agrest

September 04

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Group Show Includes Professor Lebbeus Woods & Alumni

Professor Lebbeus Woods and alumni Stan Allen (AR, '81) and Daniel Libeskind (AR, '70) appear in "Field Conditions"

September 04

Professor Lydia Kallipoliti's Articles Published in PRAXIS and LOG

Faculty: Lydia Kallipoliti

September 04

SociaLite: Lighting the Way

SociaLite began in 2006 when engineering Professor Toby Cumberbatch challenged his first year students to design a safe lighting system for rural, poverty-stricken communities in Ghana.

Faculty: Toby J. Cumberbatch

July 26

Alan Wolf Appointed Acting Dean

Faculty: Alan N. Wolf

June 26

Professor David Turnbull Discusses Thesis

Faculty: David Turnbull

June 26

Professor Michael Young and Toshiko Mori (AR '76) Participate in the AESTHETICS/ANESTHETICS Exhibition

Faculty: Michael Young

June 26

TEDx Cooper Union: Nina Tandon and Teaching in a Networked World

Nina Tandon (EE'01) teaches bioelectricity at Cooper Union—introducing students to the complex function of electrical signals in the human body. It's what Tandon describes as a very serious class that delves into "dense" material and challenges her students. Adding a new layer to class this semester, Professor Tandon used her course as a site for an experiment in networked pedagogy.

Faculty: Nina Tandon

June 20

School of Art Faculty and Alumni in dOCUMENTA '13

Congratulations to School of Art faculty and alumni Doug Ashford (A'81), John Menick (A’89), and Walid Raad for taking part in this year’s dOCUMENTA—one of the world’s largest and most highly visible international exhibitions of contemporary art.

Faculty: Doug Ashford

June 11

Video: Dean Anthony Vidler ACSA Keynote Address

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) has honored Anthony Vidler with a special Centennial Award at their 100th ACSA Annual Meeting in Boston, where Vidler delivered the keynote on March 2, 2012. Anthony Vidler is Dean and Professor at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, where he has served since 2001.

Faculty: Anthony Vidler

May 31

End of the Year Letter from the Dean

If there was one constant during this turbulent year of debate over The Cooper Union’s financial crisis, it was the dedication and resolve of the students in The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture to the task of developing their projects at the highest level. In the words of one, that stand for all, “We have to demonstrate by the quality of our work that the school is worthy of rescue.”

Faculty: Anthony Vidler

May 29

Christine Osinski Featured in TIME Magazine's LightBox

Professor Christine Osinski's photographs of 1980's Staten Island are featured on TIME Magazine's LightBox blog.

Faculty: Christine Osinski

May 16

Dean Anthony Vidler Curates "Notes from the Archive: James Frazer Stirling"

A part of this exhibition has traveled to Yale, the Tate in London, and the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart since 2010. At home in Montreal, it is bigger and changed. Notes from the Archive is the most thorough examination to date of the practice of one of the 20th century’s most important architects, and on the possibilities of archival research.

Faculty: Anthony Vidler

April 12

Professors Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Michael Young Contribute Essays to PULSATION IN ARCHITECTURE

Faculty: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Michael Young

April 10

Reinventing the Tappan Zee Bridge

New York's Tappan Zee Bridge, which is likely to be replaced soon, is being reimagined for alternative uses. One such use that is becoming increasingly attractive to New York residents is a public park on the 56 year old bridge.

Faculty: Laila Seewang

April 06

Draw It With Your Eyes Closed

The New York Times’ book section recently featured Draw it with your Eyes Closed, a book with many contributions from Cooper Union alumni and faculty, past and present.

April 01

Professor Diana Agrest's Essay Published in the Review of Philosophy and Literature #4

Faculty: Diana Agrest

March 26

Professors David Gersten and Uri Wegman, and Several Arch Alumni Participate in STREET VIEWS Film Series

Faculty: David Gersten, Uri Wegman

February 24

Dean Anthony Vidler Recognized with ACSA Centennial Award

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) recognized Dean Anthony Vidler with a special Centennial Award at the 100th ACSA Annual Meeting in Boston.

Faculty: Anthony Vidler

February 15

Gian Berto Vanni Autobiography Available

The autobiography of School of Art Adjunct Professor Gian Berto Vanni is now available.

Faculty: Gian Berto Vanni

February 15

Cristobal Lehyt at ARCO

Lehyt's "Drama Projections" will be featured in Voght Gallery's booth at ARCO Madrid.

Faculty: Cristobal Lehyt

February 15

School of Architecture Faculty and Alumni Participate in Group Exhibition

This exhibition collects drawings and observations from some of the world's leading architects, offering a unique opportunity to gain insight into a visual universe centered around the creation of architecture.

Faculty: David Gersten, Sue Ferguson Gussow, Grahame Shane, Michael Webb

February 09

Soviet Asia, Iran, and India as Relief Sites for European Jews during World War II

Professor Grossmann is conducting research on a long-neglected topic that is central to the history of the Holocaust: the WWII Jewish refugee experience in the Soviet Union, especially Central Asia, and the relief and rescue efforts centered in Iran and India that worked to keep these European Jews alive.

Faculty: Atina Grossmann

January 30

Toys for the Blind at Cooper Union

The Architect's Newspaper blog recently featured the work of faculty member and alumna Tamar Zinguer's class at Cooper Union, where students create "playful constructions"—applying architectural principles to a tangible scale.

Faculty: Tamar Zinguer

January 26

Margaret Morton at Howard Greenberg Gallery

School of Art faculty member Margaret Morton is included in the group exhibition "New York in Color" at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Faculty: Margaret Morton

January 18

Professor Urtzi Grau Publishes Essay in QUADERNS #263

January 17

Dean Anthony Vidler Participates in the RCA Lecture Series

Faculty: Anthony Vidler

January 17

Professor Michael Young Moderates Panel Discussion

Faculty: Michael Young

January 16

Professors Diana Agrest and David Turnbull Participate in Watershed Workshop at UCLA

Faculty: Diana Agrest, David Turnbull

January 13

Sharon Hayes at MoMA and Frankfurter Kunstverein

School of Art Faculty member Sharon Hayes is included in two exhibitions in New York and Frankfurt.

January 13

Pam Lins at Anderson Gallery

School of Art faculty member Pam Lins is included in "you, your sun and shadow" at Virginia Commonwealth University's Anderson Gallery.

Faculty: Pam Lins

January 13

Lothar Osterburg Exhibitions and Screenings

Faculty: Lothar Osterburg

January 13

Doug Ashford, Walid Raad, and Iman Issa at Tensta Konsthall

School of Art Faculty members Doug Ashford and Walid Raad, and Visiting Artist Iman Issa are included in an exhibition at Tensta Konsthall in Sweden.

Faculty: Doug Ashford

January 09

Dennis Adams, Hans Haacke and Walid Raad at Kent Fine Art

School of Art faculty members Dennis Adams and Walid Raad, and Faculty Emeritus Hans Haacke are currently featured in an exhibition at Kent Fine Art in New York.

Faculty: Dennis Adams

January 09

Robert Bordo at Soloway

School of Art Faculty member Robert Bordo is currently featured in a group exhibition at Soloway in Brooklyn.

Faculty: Robert Bordo

January 04

Glenn Goldberg at Jason McCoy Gallery

School of Art Faculty member Glenn Goldberg's exhibition "elixirs, tales and remedies" will be on view Jan 12 - Feb 24, 2012

Faculty: Glenn Goldberg

January 02

Professor Urtzi Grau Participates in the 2011-2012 Shenzhen Biennale, China

Faculty: Urtzi Grau

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