Faculty News 2018


November 29

Saturday Program Turns 50!

In 1968 a number of student-led initiatives led to major shifts in education, not least of them was the creation of a Cooper-led public-school outreach program that would become a pipeline for NYC artists

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November 11

School of Engineering & Icahn School of Medicine Announce Exchange

The institutions have entered into a "memorandum of understanding" that will allow students from both schools to take courses for credit and perform research at the other institution, it was announced this week

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November 10

Grant for Javits Green Roof Extended

Prof. Cataldo received a one-year grant from Drexel University to continue his research on the potential benefits of green roofs.

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October 29

Prof. Raja Co-Authors Publication on Convention Formation in Networks

Prof. Raja co-authors a paper on convention formation in networks that was accepted to Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems.

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October 02

Leslie Hewitt Featured in Carnegie International 2018

Leslie Hewitt A'00, assistant professor in the School of Art, is one of the 32 artists and artist collectives featured in the Carnegie International, 57th Edition

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October 01

Architect Magazine Awards Studio Prize to First Year Architectonics Studio

The work of the Fall 2017 Architectonics Studio has been awarded a 2018 Studio Prize from Architect magazine as one of, "the best examples of architectural investigation taking place in colleges and universities today"

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September 29

Prof. Mintchev Presents at AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting

Prof. Mintchev presents at the AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting on September 29, 2018 at University of Delaware.

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September 20

Investigations into Color

Two adjunct professors, Sarah Lowengard and Christina Weyl, of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, have received prestigious fellowships during the 2018/19 academic year. Both will be examining the history of color, though in different fields

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September 12

2018 Invention Factory Winner: Twist Talk

Brian Chung and Hannah Quirk took home the top prize for a portable communication aid for children on the autism spectrum

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September 07

Collaborating in New Spaces

Sam Keene, associate professor of electrical engineering, conceptualized and taught two cross-disciplinary courses in the spring 2018 semester, bringing architects, artists, and engineers into the same classroom with shared learning goals

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September 03

Prof. Lepek Co-Authors Published Textbook

Prof. Lepek co-authors textbook titled "Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles, 5th Edition" published by Prentice Hall. The text is currently being adopted across the country.

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August 01

SEA2M3 Center is Finalist for Excellence in Innovation Award

The Cooper Union and its SEA2M3 (Sustainable Engineering, Architecture and Art - Materials, Manufacturing and Minimalism) Center led by Prof. Cumberbatch were selected as one of the finalists for the Phi Kappa Phi 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award.

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July 01

Prof. Dell and Prof. Wei Present Paper at ICEM 2018

Prof. Dell and Wei co-authored a paper that was published and presented at the 18th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM).

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June 12

Prof. Savizky Elected as Chair-elect of ACS NY

Prof. Savizky is elected as Chair-elect of the American Chemical Society (ACS), New York Section for 2019.

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June 12

Faculty Search

June 11

Adriana Farmiga Named MacDowell Fellow

Adriana Farmiga, assistant dean and adjunct professor in the School of Art, was awarded a 2018 MacDowell Summer Fellowship

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May 09

Professor Lepek Presents at the 8th World Congress on Particle Technology

Professor Lepek co-led a workshop and presented his research at the 8th World Congress on Particle Technology.

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May 05

Graduate Student Anna Joselle Lomboy (ChE'18, ME'20) Presents at NYC ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium

Anna Joselle Lomboy (ChE '18, ME'20) presented her joint research with Prof. Topper at the NYC American Chemical Society (ACS) Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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April 20

Prof. Topper Gives Invited Lectures

Prof. Topper gave an invited lecture at the College of New Jersey, was invited to attend the Friedman Lecture at Brooklyn College, and gave a chalk talk at Columbia University on April 18-20, 2018.

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April 06

Professor Mintchev gives invited PI Mu Epsilon talk at GWU

Prof. Mintchev was invited to give a talk at George Washington University as part of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society Lecture Series.

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March 22

Prof. Kwong Co-Authors Two Conference Papers

Prof. Kwong co-authored two papers that will be presented at two separate conferences in June.

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March 20

Prof. Kwong Co-Authors Paper To Be Published in Earthquake Spectra Journal

Prof. Kwong co-authored a paper that will be published in the Earthquake Spectra journal.

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March 12

Cooper Faculty and Alumni on AN Top 50 List

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March 07

Eva Franch i Gilabert Appointed Director of Architectural Association

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March 05

Philosopher, Astronomer, Filmmaker, Sailor ... Novelist

Diego Malquori, assistant professor of philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences publishes his book of fiction

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February 21

Learn How to Destroy the Internet

Erin Sparling teaches Cooper Students how to do it

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February 01

Real World Pedagogy: Building in Shenzhen, China

Two students, Margaux Wheelock-Shew and Jeremy Son, collaborate with Nader Tehrani to create a permanent pavilion in Shenzhen, China

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January 10

New Full-Time Faculty Bolster the Ranks

Following last year’s remarkable influx of seven new full-time, tenure-track faculty members across three academic branches, the reinvestment in teaching resources at The Cooper Union continues

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