Faculty News 2017


December 14

Professor Simson Co-Authors WIRED.com Article

Professor Amanda Simson co-authors article on WIRED.com.

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November 17

Look Closer

We tag along with Annika Finne, adjunct instructor in HSS, to the Met museum where her class, "Reading Surfaces: Painting Techniques Over Time," hits a sweet spot of artistic processes with art history and the practice of close observation

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November 08

Cooper Union at the 2017 Chemical Engineering Conference

The 2017 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota this year from October 29 through November 3, had strong representation by both students and faculty members of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering

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November 01

William Villalongo's Solo Exhibition Opens in Chelsea Gallery

The Assistant Professor and 1999 School of Art graduate's collection of figurative works is titled, "Keep on Pushing"

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October 11

Prof. Luchtenburg Chairs Session and Graduate Student David Shekhtman Presents Research at ASME DSCC 2017 Conference

Prof. Luchtenburg, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, chairs a session at the ASME 2017 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC) held in Tysons, VA, on October 11, 2017, where his graduate student, David Shekhtman, will present his research.

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October 11

Now You See It...

William Germano, professor and author of the recent book Eye Chart, reflects on an object that started as a diagnostic tool but became cultural meme

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October 04

Tyme Kiosk by Situ Studio Pops Up in Times Square

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October 03

Adriana Farmiga Named Assistant Dean

Adriana Farmiga A’96,who has taught at the School of Art since 2011, has been appointed Assistant Dean at the school. Also: an interview about her latest work

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October 01

Prof. Dell Presents Paper at 2017 GRC Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Professor Robert Dell presented a paper about a 3G security camera network using a thermoelectric generator fueled by a geothermal steam pipe.


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September 28

School of Architecture Students and Faculty Participate in IdeasCity 2017

Led by Assistant Professor Lorena Del Rio, groups of student volunteers fabricated segments of a design for a stepped seating environment that, when fully assembled, is circular in plan

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September 25

Prof. Topper Co-Authors Publication on Machine Learning in Chemistry

Professor Topper, working with a team of researchers led by NYU Professor Mark Tuckerman, has contributed to a paper in the Physical Review Letters journal.

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September 21

Professor Cataldo Co-Authors Journal Paper on Green Roof Thermal Buffering

Professor Cataldo Co-Authors Journal Paper on Green Roof Thermal Buffering.

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August 29

Professor Billie Faircloth to Receive 2017 Women in Architecture Award

July 10

Lucy Raven, For One Night Only at the Guggenheim

On July 18 at 6:30 the assistant professor in the School of Art will perform her work, "Subterrestrial Cinema"

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June 19

2017 Graham Foundation Grantees Include Catherine Seavitt Nordenson and Tulay Atak

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June 15

Michael Morris to Lead Design of Deep Space Habitations for NASA

Tackling the design of systems and technologies that can sustain “an extended human presence beyond Earth’s orbit”

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May 30

Prof. George Delagrammatikas Named LaSalle Academy's 2017 Educator of the Year

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May 23

Prof. Raja Co-authors Doctor's Tablet Blog

Professor Raja and Dr. Meredith Hawkins from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine co-authored a blog on The Doctor's Tablet about a Fall 2016 EID 101 project

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May 22

Prof. Mintchev Presents Paper at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (SIAM DS17) in May 2017

Professor Mintchev presents paper titled "Generation of Stable Traveling Waves in Unidirectional Chains of Idealized Neural Oscillators" at the 2017 SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (SIAM DS17) held in Snowbird, Utah.

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May 07

Diane Lewis Memorial

May 02

In Memoriam: Professor Diane Lewis

A letter from Nader Tehrani, Dean, remembering School of Architecture faculty member Diane Lewis

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April 17

Prof. Keene and Three EE Undergraduate Students Co-author IGARSS 2017 Paper

Prof. Keene and Three EE Students co-author a paper to be included in Proceedings of IGARSS 2017

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April 17

Prof. Luchtenburg and Yeeho Song (ME'17) Co-author ICRA 2017 Paper on Quadruped Robots

Prof. Luchtenburg, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Yeeho Song (ME'17) co-author paper to be published in the Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).

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April 04

From Clay and Cans to Sun-dappled Pavilion

A team that includes Prof. Powell Draper and Max Dowd AR'16, has won the annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition

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April 03

Hejduk Sculptures & Photo Exhibition Featured on NY1

The cable news channel NY1 featured a two-minute spot on the John Hejduk Works/Jan Palach Memorial exhibition

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April 02

Prof. Baglione & Graduate Student Michael Pimpinella Co-author Journal of Voice Paper

Prof. Baglione and graduate student Michael Pimpinella are co-authors of a publication titled “Mobile Digital Recording: Adequacy of the iRig™ and iOS device for Acoustic and Perceptual Analysis of Normal Voice” in the Journal of Voice, Vol. 31, Issue 2, 236-242.

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March 29

Creative Inquiries

The Menschel Fellowships at 20

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March 28

I Resist!

An exhibition organized by Prof. Anne Griffin on Belgian resistance to Nazi occupation takes on a new resonance

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March 24

Outreach Programs: A Parallel Union

A fresh examination of Cooper's free or low-cost classes for working people and youth

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March 22

Prof. Topper Gives Invited Lecture at the University of Rhode Island

The subject was, "Molecular Modeling of Nanoparticles and Polypeptides"

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March 09

Prof. Dell Delivers Open Lecture in Keilir

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February 22

Prof. Topper Gives Talk at 57th Sanibel Symposium

He discussed his join work with Cooper undergraduate student J. Biswakarma on, "Unusual hydrogen bond diversity in ammonium halide nanoclusters,"

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February 02

Prof. Topper Gives Invited Lecture

The lectures was entitled, "Computational and theoretical physical chemistry: Applications to ammonium halide nanoclusters,"

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February 02

Dore Ashton Remembered

Colleagues and former students recall the personality and influence of an unrivaled eyewitness to 20th Century American art and a member of the faculty for over 40 years

January 26

Prof. Lima Receives VentureWell 2017 Faculty Grant Award

Prof. Lima receives a $22,500 grant from VentureWell to support his curriculum

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January 24

Cooper to Cooper, Episode 4: 20th Anniversary of the Menschel Prize

Past recipients Wes Rozen AR'05, Tomashi Jackson A'10 and Catherine Sanso CE'14 discuss the influence of this 20-year-old student fellowship

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