Financial Aid Appeals

The deadline to complete a financial aid appeal 2023 – 2024 is 04/26/24. 

The financial aid appeals process and the parameters associated with the process are outlined below. There are TWO separate circumstances with a different set of applicable criteria. Both circumstances require separate forms to be completed (be sure to use the accurate/corresponding form). 

Circumstance ONE: Appeal for Extending Financial Aid Support Beyond Graduation Timeline
This FORM should be used by students who wish to appeal for an additional semester or semesters of Cooper institutional aid, beyond the standard parameters of 4 years (8 semesters) for School of Art and School of Engineering students, and 5 years (10 semesters) for School of Architecture students. Send the completed form and any supplemental materials to

Circumstance TWO: All Other Financial Aid Appeals
Please review and follow the below steps. This appeal process allows a student and/or family the opportunity to explain and demonstrate why the information on their US federal aid form (FAFSA) has significantly changed or no longer reflects their family’s current financial situation. Normal or minor fluctuations in circumstances typically do not result in any change to a student’s financial aid package. However, there are times when circumstances are so significant that they can result in a financial aid adjustment. Circumstances may include the below list. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and having one of these events occur does not guarantee a financial aid adjustment.

Changes that may impact a financial aid package:

  • A family’s previous year’s income was affected by a significant, one-time event, not typical of the family’s financial earnings or ability to meet their required contribution
  • High and non-reimbursable medical and/or dental expenses not covered by the family’s insurance
  • A family is experiencing sudden or unexpected high dependent-care costs related to a special needs individual or elderly grandparent
  • A parent loses a job or experiences a significant salary reduction
  • A parent’s income varies annually due to the volatile nature of their job
  • A family member is seriously ill which impacts their ability to earn their typical income
  • A parent dies, becomes disabled, is incarcerated, or institutionalized
  • Social Security benefits or child support cease as a result of a child reaching the age of majority
  • A family suffers a natural or financial disaster

Circumstance TWO – steps for appealing your financial aid:

  1. Fall 2023 admitted students complete this FORM for 2023-2024
  2. Fall 2024 admitted students complete this FORM for 2024-2025
  3. Provide supplemental explanation and documentation (Provide clear and official documentation to support your claim such as pay stubs, letters from employer, unpaid medical bills, tax return, W-2, etc.)
  4. Submit. When all three of the above steps have been completed, send the materials to

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