Student Medical Care

Students needing immediate emergency care should call 911 and/or go to their nearest emergency room. 

All enrolled Cooper Union Students have access to 24/7 virtual medical and mental health care through TimelyCare. TimelyCare provides 24/7 access to a virtual healthcare providers wherever you may be. This service offers support for both physical healthcare and mental healthcare needs. For mental health, students can meet virtually with a professional 24/7 for a brief check-in and referral for continued care. TimelyCare is free for all students. There are no visit fees and students do not use insurance for TimelyCare. Any students prescribed medication through TimelyCare are responsible for using their insurance and/or self-pay for any medication costs. 

For all healthcare services outside of TimelyCare, students are responsible for any charges. Students should use their health insurance and should check with their insurance company to verify converge and costs prior to engaging in care. 

The Mount Sinai Health System is the closest major network of hospitals and physicians to The Cooper Union. The Mount Sinai Downtown – Union Square Care Center is located just blocks from Cooper Union. Cooper Union has formed a relationship with Mount Sinai to ensure that our students have access to appointments and exceptional healthcare facilities. Students wishing to connect with a medical provider, or to ask a healthcare related question, should call the Cooper Union / Mount Sinai Healthcare Line at 212-420-2212.

Students can download a brochure of Mount Sinai Health Services options here.

Finding a healthcare provider can be a very personal decision. We all look for different qualities and characteristics when choosing who we trust our health care to. For this reason, The Cooper Union does not maintain a list of recommended healthcare providers. We encourage students to take some time to work with their insurance company and online resources such as ZocDoc and Health Grades to research healthcare providers and make an informed decision about which providers to utilize.

All students should contact their insurance company prior to engaging with a healthcare provider to be 100% sure that the provider participates in their insurance plan. Whenever possible, students should also contact their insurance company in advance of any medical appointments or procedures to be sure they fully understand all of the costs associated with their care. Students are responsible for all costs associated with their healthcare.

While students are reminded that they are responsible for contacting their insurance company prior to engaging with a healthcare provider to be 100% sure that the provider participates in their insurance plan, the Mount Sinai Health System generally participates in insurance plans that are valid in New York City, including the Student Health Insurance offered by The Cooper Union.

There are a number of urgent care centers located in very close proximity to Cooper Union as well. Urgent Care centers also tend to accept a very wide range of insurance options. Local Urgent Care Centers include: Mount Sinai Doctors, City MD, and Northwell Health Urgent Care.

For questions related to the Cooper Union student health insurance plan, including how to enroll, waiving coverage and health plan costs, please visit the plan website here. For specific questions related to enrolling or waiving coverage, contact Malinda Townsend at

Our Student Care Coordinators, Cassandra Jolicoeur ( and Elizabeth London (, can assist students in finding local medical care providers. Student needing assistance should contact Cassandra or Elizabeth using their personal emails above or by emailing the Student Care team at

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