Healthcare Claims for Faculty & Staff

This page includes links and information related to The Cooper Union's medical, dental and prescription benefits for faculty and staff, union and non-union, as well as current and retired.

The Cooper Union uses Trustmark (formerly known as Coresource) as the benefit management agent for a self-funded healthcare program. For information regarding exact coverage see the summary of benefits.

Through Trustmark, Cooper Union employees are part of the Cigna healthcare network, though claims should not be submitted directly to Cigna. All claims must go through Trustmark. Trustmark has a website and a mobile app for use by employees to manage their claims and benefits as well as to find in-network health care providers. The mobile app is available via Google Play and the Apple Store.


Claim Instructions

In-Network Medical Claims

In-network claims should be submitted to Trustmark by your healthcare provider using your health insurance ID.

Out-of-Network Medical Claims

Out-of-network claims must be submitted either electronically, via the employee healthcare benefits website, by email (less secure), or by mail.  All methods  require a bill or invoice that includes the provider's license #, tax ID #, diagnosis code(s) and itemized, dated costs (if a monthly bill, for example). Proof of payment will be also required for reimbursement. At present the words "Paid" or "Paid in Full" on the invoice appear to be adequate proof, but you may be asked to show cancelled checks or other evidence.

Electronic Claim Submission

  1. You must have a digital version of the invoice containing the procedure codes. Some providers will supply this upon request. Otherwise the invoice should be scanned or a digital photo taken.
  2. Log in to Trustmark Web Portal
  3. Click Messages > New Message at the top navigation
  4. Attach the digital invoice to the message. No particular subject or text is necessary but it may be advisable to put the word “Claim,” with the provider and the date, in the subject so the messages will sort in the sent box. You do NOT need to include any ID information or medical claim forms when submitting claims this way. You also do not need to consider encrypting anything since the communication is already encrypted.
  5. Hit “send”

By Email

Send the invoice and related information to Note that email is NOT encrypted and therefore NOT a secure method of communication.

By Mail

Fill out the medical claim form and submit it, along with the invoice and proof of payment, if any, to the address shown on your insurance id card. NOTE: retired employees should use the retiree medical claim form that uses a different address.

Dental Claims

Dental costs must be paid in full to the provider at the time of service. It is not possible to have your dentist submit expenses electronically to Trustmark. Claims may be submitted using either via the website or by US mail, as outlined above. Additionally, one may send dental claims via fax at 1.877.411.4909 or via email to, although using email is not encrypted. All submissions must include a detailed invoice with procedure codes. Claims not submitted via the web portal should use the dental claim form.

Prescription Claims

If the pharmacy is in-network, as most will be, prescription costs will be submitted by the pharmacy using your Trustmark ID card. There may be a co-pay not covered by insurance required at the time of purchase. In cases where a prescription needs to be paid for in full and a claim submitted, both electronic, email and mail methods may be used. When submitting by mail the prescription form should be used.

Mail Service Prescriptions

In some cases long-term and non-urgent medications may be vastly less expensive when filled by OptumRx, which delivers prescriptions via USPS mail, often in 90-day supplies. Some drugs that cost hundreds of dollars in a co-pay at a physical pharmacy may cost as little as a $10 co-pay when filled by OptumRx and delivered via USPS mail. Additionally you pay fewer co-pays for larger quantities. After creating an account via the OptumRx website your doctor may submit prescriptions directly there at your request. Prescriptions may also be transferred electronically, though your doctor may need to approve the transfer. Additionally, prescriptions may be submitted by mail order using the order form and including the original script.


All medical, dental and prescription reimbursements will be sent by mail unless you request direct deposit. For this service you must speak to a Trustmark representative and request the direct deposit form, fill it out and return it.

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