Innovators Society

The Innovators Society recognizes donors who contribute $1,000 - $9,999 to The Cooper Union annually. Members actively advance Peter Cooper’s vision and provide essential support for our students through their consistent leadership giving. In recognition of their commitment to the college, Innovators receive invitations to special events and other benefits. Contact us to learn how you can become a member. 

Recognizing gifts to The Cooper Union during the past fiscal year—July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. 

Innovator Fellows


Assad Ahmed '07 and Kiran Gore
Monica Arboleda-Pena '94 and Diego Pena '97
Isaac Ashkenazi '02
Nicolas Avrutin '14
Ronald Bajit '88
George '59 and Frances Barletta
Arlene Buechert '54
Eleanor '69 and Mark Blair
Ellen Block
Michael Borkowsky '61
Peter '63 and Janet Bungay
Alicia and Michael Cantelmi
Anthony '77 and Karen Catalano
Chris Chamberlin
Wayne '00 and Jessenea Chen
Linda Chiarelli '84 and Lawrence Chiarelli '80
Brian Chun '01
Michael '90 and Lori-Ann Craig
Lynn Cusack '04 and Brian Cusack '01
Roberta and Deke Dening
Marge Dobrowolski '61 and Joe Dobrowolski '61
Genghmun Eng '72 and Sophie Dreifuss
Annmarie Eldering '88
Morris Frayman '65
Edward Ferara '99
Robert '72 and Victoria Forgione
Edward Gardner
Janet Paxton Gardner '65 and The Edward and Elizabeth Gardner Foundation
Judith Gerrard '83 and Robert Tan '81
Susanne Gilbert
Margaret Gilday '84
Paul '86 and Ellen Greendyk
Irwin '54 and Marjorie Gruverman
Bruce '79 and Alice Hudson
Tat-Sing Huen '77
Anthony '85 and Claire Ianno
Mark H. Jay '73 and Susan R. Jay
Patricia Jenkins '93
Robert '80 and Marie Kalish
Evelyn Katz
Ronald '56 and Elizabeth Klein
Bruce Knauer '63
Jie Lan '96
Jung Im Lee '01
Amy and Glen Leibowitz
Rolf Lesem '53
Richard H. Lewis '77 and Joan M. Sapinsley
Joel '60 and Anne Lubenau
Peter Lung '70
John Manferdelli '73 and Catherine Stricklin
Ana Martin '85 and Neil Martin '85
Sandra Matthews and Norbert Goldfield
Jeanne McBride
John '64 and Patricia McGinley
Kenneth '69 and Helene Mitchell
Joseph Montalbo '78 and Joann Ferguson
Toshiko Mori '76 and James Carpenter
The Museum of Modern Art
Alex Mustonen '05
New Paltz Housing Associates
The New York Community Trust - The Moles Fund
Edward '70 and Frances Nilsson
Efrem '98 and Phrat Orgel
Anik Pearson '95 and Jim Taylor
Amanda Proctor '13 and Alexander Proctor '13
Ari '71 and Lori Rabinowitz
Michal Raz-Russo '01 and Zev Salomon '01
John '69 and Gladys Roswell
Donald Rotunno '91 and Ann Bruns-Rotunno
Michael Samuelian '95
Charles '66 and Nini Scawthorn
Ira '70 and Carol Serkes
Aaron Serwetman '64
Susan Shaw '72 and Jack Freeman '69
Bernard '70 and Janet Singer
Sylvia Smolensky '70 and Steven Silberstang '70
Susan Stockton and Chris Walther
Rebecca Taub '72
John '69 and Dorothy Telesco
Thomas '67 and Kathryn Tobitsch
Donald '86 and Mary Toton
Diane Toy '97 and Eric Fung '97
Joseph '69 and Deborah Trentacosta
Kevin Tulod '12
James '75 and Charlene Vallino
Otokar von Bradsky '58
Charlotte and Neill Wessell
Lawrence '99 and Alexandra Yau
Barbara Yee '81 and Sing-Man Siu '78
Stephen '68 and Nancy Ann Zavoluk
Eva Zuckerman '05 and Dimitri Scheblanov '05


Innovators Society


Tom Abraham '98 and Meghan Medlock
Sajan Abraham '98
Martin Abrams '62
Theo Adamstein
Alvin '66 and Arlene Adelman
Nick '80 and Jennifer Agneta
Cristina Aguirre-Ross '81 and Martin Ross '79
Daniel '66 and Catherine Ahern
Karim Ahmed '13
Julia Ai '93
Jane Alpert and Foster De Jesus
Marco Alves '00
Carol Amend-Lovell '82 and John Lovell '82
Samuel '82 and Lesie Anderson
Richard Andrews '79
Lucille and Nicholas Arnold
Reza Arsanjani
Charles Ashman '59
John '77 and Theresa Athas
Christopher Austopchuk '73
Edwin '69 and Betty-Lou Aviles
Thomas '73 and Gloria Bach
Georgette Ballance
Susan Barber '00
Stuart '68 and Sondra Barth
Rubina Bard '93 and David Bard '91
John '88 and Silvana Barkaus
Jean and Robert Barkovitz
Bobby Barkovitz '04 and Rebecca Cioppi
Thomas '79 and Mary Barracato
Michael Bartolone '95
Lisa Barton '81
Marcia '69 and Robert Basickes
Robert '68 and Marcia Baumel
Norman '54 and Renee Beckre
Ina Saltz '72 and Steven Beispel
Richard Benini '94
Fred '57 and Ida Berg
Denise Bergin '98
Victor '64 and Rhoda Berman
Gregory Biesiadecki '82 and Guillermina Mendoza Biesiadecki
Salomon '58 and Joanna Birenbaum
Allen Blaustein
Timothy Bolbrock '07
Lawrence '51 and Louise Bookbinder
Paul '71 and Gail Bork
Lawrence Bovino '83 and Beverly Harrington
Robert '67 and Cynthia Bradus
Alfred '67 and Kathryn Brand
David Brand '82
David Harris '97 and Laura Brashear
Herman '61 and Marcey Braude
Stephen '62 and Marilyn Breitkopf
Joel '67 and Arlene Brenner
Serge Budzyn '73
Alexandra Bull '10
Barry '63 and Ann Bunin
Barbara Burns Hirsch '69 and David Hirsch '67
Andrew '97 and Laura Bush
Peter Cafiero '83 and Karyl Berger
Paul '62 and Margaret Calter
Mark Campbell
Catherine Canon '69 and Roger Canon '70
Amina Canter
Polina Canepa '14 and Charles Canepa '11
Herbert '59 and Ann Carlson
Steven Caruso '93
Adrien Casey '05
Christopher '91 and Michelle Caso
John Casolaro '74
Madelaine and Joseph Cavegn
Meredith Cerrone Bacus '94 and John Bacus '94
Bohdan '66 and Maria Chaban
Patty Chael '96
Lana Chan '95 and Mingzhou Sun '95
Wai-Mon Chan
Jimmy Chan '05
Chi Chan '91 and Eunice Han
Tai '70 and Betty Chan
Rosellen Chan '92
Jerry '90 and Christine Chang
Rohan Chauhan '09
Nanwei Chen '13
Yi-Tso '82 and I-Mei Ko Chen
Ying Chen '96 and Chris Mildebrandt
Tayin Chen '01 and Esther So
John '90 and Kayo Chih
Kristine Chin '94 and Ricky Chu '92
Hi Sun Choi '91 and Steven Cho
Albert '58 and Lois Chow
Erik Christiansen '96
Ming Kit Chu '87
Hoi '74 and Lillian Chu
Polly Chu '86 and William Mattingly III
Michael '87 and Diane Chung
Anne Clark '69 and Joseph Clark '66
Lorenzo Clayton '77
Martin '67 and Doris Cobern
Joan Connors
Donald '87 and Sasha Conte
Morton '55 and Jacqueline Corn
Julia Cox '13 and Steven Cox '13
David Crane '68 and Karen Kreller
Matthew '65 and Linda Creager
Ronald Csuha '63 and Cecil Yarbrough
Maryellen Culbert '84 and Peter Ross '78
John '67 and Joyce Dalessandro
Michelle '09 and Russell D'Angelo
Sahag '53 and Margaret Dardarian
Amy Davis '78 and Robert Cronan '79
David '62 and Karen Davis
Edwin De Leon '11
Francois '87 and Susan de Menil
Faith Dean '49
Michael DeFazio '76 and Dianne Kangisser
Frank '71 and Rose DeLisi
Anna Demchick '82 and Matthew Paszamant
Peter Derderian '07
Daniel '79 and Wendy Dessanti
Sony Devabhaktuni '03
Theodore Dezvane '93 and Melissa Knoll
Anne-Marie Diamond
Jeanne Dickey-Reiner '85 and Rob Reiner
Vito '06 and Daniela DiIenna
Glenn '84 and Esther Diskin
Lois Dodd '48
Theresa Dooley-Bollmann '95 and Cliff Bollmann '95
John Downer
Rudolph '64 and Joan Dreschler
Deanna Drew '58
Irene Dris '91
Barry Drogin '83
George '62 and Dolores Duckett
Martina Duque '24
Ann-Marie Edden '89
Susan Edelson '66 and Charles Edelson '68
Robert '62 and Mary Ehrlich
Sharif Eladawy '90
Ethan Elenberg '12
Aimee Ellingsen
Jordan '58 and Judith Ellis
Clifford '78 and Yinlee Eng
Leatrice Ennis
Oguzhan Eris '00
Steven '83 and Carolyn Ettore
Joseph '68 and Christine Evelyn
Ivan Farman '91 and Yvonne Chahine
Judith Fast '66 and Dan Fast '70
Sue Ferguson Gussow '56
Nancy and Joseph Ferrario
Kathleen and Andrew Ferreira
Howard Flagg '66
Reinhard Flick '70 and Myra Pruitt Flick
John Flock '74
Eric Flyer '73
Douglas '63 and Carol Lynn Fox
Louis Franco '92 and Jennifer Rippel
Jenny Franz
Grant Fraser
Ellen Friedman
Michael Gabriel '97
John Gallagher '70
Gerome '65 and Leah Garchik
Julie Gaughan '99 and James Gaughan '99
Thomas '78 and Linda Genega
Rajan '78 and Sharon Gidumal
Colleen and John Gilstad
Jerry '65 and Rona Ginsberg
Claudia Giordano '76
Raquel Girvin '85 and Patrick Girvin '88
Jerry '66 and Marcia Gladstone
Thomas '51 and Ruth Glasser
Joanna Golden
Paul '82 and Alaine Golden
Herbert '68 and Susan Goldenberg
Henry '72 and Leslie Goldenberg
Samuel '80 and Carol Goldfarb
Israel '62 and Aida Gopstein
Sol '62 and Harriet Gorland
T.J. Gottesdiener '79 and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill OR T.J. Gottesdiener '79 and Abra Levine
Arthur '58 and Judith Goulet
Betty Gower
Jens Graeber '97
James '80 and Elaine Grant
Scott '69 and Raenele Grant
Arthur '59 and Dorothy Grebelsky
Evelyn and Berton Greenberg
Francis Greenburger
Seth Greenwald
Tara Griesing '94 and Keith Griesing '93
Jacques '68 and Bonnie Gros
Harold Gross '73
Anthony '76 and Catherine Grosso
Michael Gross '71
Maria Guidice '85 and Scott Allen
Malanha Gupta '02 and John Hennessy '02
Linda and Hans Haacke
Joseph '78 and Mariola Haggar
Nancy and John Hamilton
Missy Hansen
Robert '74 and Donna Hart
William Hartwell '81
Eamon Heavey '94
Thomas '68 and Judith Heim
Jonathan '88 and Deborah Held
Lisa Heller
Lisa Heller, in honor of Paul '53 and Ann Heller - NOT LISTED
Hank Heneghan '78 and Elizabeth Porter
Ethan '73 and Victoria Hertz
Caryn Hertz '81 and Lawrence Hertz '81
Jay Herz '69 and Jean Taylor
Steven Hillyer '90 and Tim Marback
Norman '72 and Joann Hirsch
Susan Hirsch
Daniel Hirtler '84 and George Ferrari
Albert '69 and Abby Hochhauser
Howard Hoctor '62
Donald Hogan '68
Brian Hong '19
Frank Hong '92
Janice Hopkins Tanne
Mayer '62 and Adrienne Horn
Shira Horowitz '07
Michael Horowitz '00
Wei-Fang Hsia '91 and Jing Chen
Daniel Hsin '16
Cecile Hu '85 and Ming Chien
Chung-Hsin Huang '93
Suet Yee Huang '94 and Ren Shen '94
Lei Huang '98 and Jimmy Lin '96
Harvey Ing '73 and Stefania Zak
Doreen Ingman
Josephine Iselin
Timothy '01 and Josephine Isgro
Philip '67 and Frances Jacknis
Cathy '89 and Arthur Jackson
Bernard '55 and Rosamond Jacob
Harry '63 and Carolann Jaeger
Frank '76 and Martina Jakob
Mohammad '94 and Noreen Jamil
Nadia Jarrett '96
Ashwin Jathavedam '98 and Sireesha Soma
Robert '78 and Anne Judd
William '59 and Virginia Kacin
Walter '87 and Cara Kaeck
June Kahrs '57 and Jack Kahrs '58
The J.M. Kaplan Fund
Vinod '74 and Usha Kapoor
Richard '72 and Phyllis Karp
Mark Katz '69 and Edith Rees
Gary '69 and Alice Kazin
Gary '79 and Theresa Keevil
Kate Kelley and Gary Baker
David '69 and Judith Kelly
Allan '67 and Zivile Khoury
Debbie Kiederer '85 and Robert Cucullo '85
Elizabeth Kilson '14
Tae Kim '00
Abraham '99 and Gloria Kinney
Hedy '62 and Kent Klineman
Allen '57 and Dorothy Klinger
David '86 and Jonna Kliphon
Thomas '79 and Lynn Kluepfel
Joanne Knobloch '89 and Joseph Knobloch '87
Jimmy '89 and LiHung Koe
Emanuel Kokinakis '09
Motrya Kokoris '79 and Anastasios Kokoris '80
Katherine Kollar '82
Roni Kopels '81 and Katharine Turo
Paul '82 and Elizabeth Korniczsky
Konstantinos Kotulas
Alan '70 and Camille Kramer
Bhaskar '89 and Zhen Krishnamachari
Michelle Krochmal '98 and Simcha Blaustein '99
Doreen Kruse
Robert '67 and Barbara Kudder
Mariya Kurchuk
John Kuzin '89
Peter Kuzma '88
Michael '65 and Elke Kwartler
Michael '52 and Barbara La Fortezza
Howard '56 and Bellia La Marca
Chuck '68 and Eileen Lacijan
Ming Lai '95 and Dianne Ip
Susana Chang '97 and Terence Lam '96
Wayne Lam '87
Lawrence '68 and Betty Lapide
James Lastihenos '15
Caroline Laufer '00 and Ronald Laufer '97
Julian LaVerdiere '93 and Erica Hohf
Hye Kyung Lee '00
Steven Lee '14
Yung '79 and Kyung Lee
Joe Lee '86
Leo Lee '79
Jennifer Lee '97 and Pablo Castro
Standish Lee '11
Herman '69 and Fay Lee
Hang Chen and Yuan Lee
Michael '69 and Sheila Lefkowitz
Murray Legge '90 and Deborah Lewis
Yanling Lei '97
Philip '80 and Susan Lessner
John '78 and Sue Leung
Rami '90 and Lori Levy
Andrew Lew '04
Leticia Lew '14
Kenneth '82 and Corinne Lewis
Robert Lincer
Mary Lou '60 and James Littrell
Jinling Liu and Gongyuan Bu
James '83 and Christine Liubicich
Nicholas '80 and Patricia Livanos
Raul Llorente '66
Gabriel '98 and Susan Loh
Anthony '94 and Lisa Lomma
Jessica Loo '14
Lee Lopez '16
Jonathan Lu '23
Paul Lubowicki '77
Yvette Lucas '83 and Daniel Wing
James Ludwig '92
Thomas Lui '78
Ellen Lupton '85 and Abbott Miller '85
Eric '58 and Lois Lustig
Mary Lynch '82
Scott Lyne '92 and Mel Castro
Jessia Ma '15
Queenie Ma '86 and Stuart Landau '86
Jon Maass '97 and Elizabeth Suhocki
Harriet and John Mack, in memory of William Cooper Mack '06
Mack Family Farms
Mary Leigh Mackie '08
Elaine Maldonado '68 and Augustin Maldonado '66
Carl Malings '12
Sokol Malushaga '97
Sylvia '59 and Robert Mangold
Mangold Plimack Mangold, Inc.
Lou '75 and Linda Manzione
Robert '93 and Deanna Marano
Joseph '73 and Donna Marchese
Alan '71 and Gail Marder
John Mathai '04
John '71 and Janice Matthews
Gerald '73 and Cornelia Matusiewicz
Margaret Matz '83
Dan '67 and Julia Mayer
Robert '56 and Dorothy McCabe
Rosemary McClare
Charles McCorkell '71 and Esta Bigler
Thomas '81 and Noelle McEnerney
Matt McLeod
Sheila McShane '80
Walter Mehl '87 and Kristin Tudor
Michael '60 and Lieselotte Melman
Michael '65 and Elleri Melnick
Irving '59 and Myra Memis
Mary and Jere Mendelsohn
Joseph '65 and Martha Merenda
Patricia Mesko '88 and David Gorko
Marvin '69 and Karen Meyer
Raymond '58 and Irene Mihon
Fabio Militello '01
Melinda and Harry Miller
Sheryl Miller
David Millman '72
Zoran Milovic '87 and Dorothy Williams
Kathi Minden '79 and Steven Minden '79
Sandra Paik Minichetti '90 and Anthony Minichetti '90
Norma Minkowitz '58 and Sheldon Minkowitz '58
Isaac '78 and Laurie Mitrani
Russell '01 and Chaya Mohn
Edgar '78 and Mary Mokuvos
Sascha Mombartz '09
Kris Monaco '93
Frank Montgomery '92
Paul Monticciolo '80 and Linda Lieberman-Monticciolo
Kerry Mooney '83 and Susan Everett
Robert '70 and Joy Moorhead
Noradilia Mora '00
Malini Ramanarayanan Moraghan '00
Linda Mosch '77 and Steven Mosch '77
Richard '64 and Sarah Mullen
Brigida Munoz '96 and Benjamin Rios '96
Michael Murphy '78 and Stephanie Nicholls-Murphy
James Murtha '87
Eglind Myftiu '11
Laura Napolitano '87 and Frank Napolitano '88
Herman '61 and Zora Natanblut
Richard '67 and Wendy Niewiarowski
Sara Nerken
The Nerken Family
Howard '65 and Marilyn Neuschaefer
Kimberly Newman
Lawrence Ng '78 and Annie Chu
Peter '62 and Sara Nikolits
Ronald '87 and Wendy Niles
John '87 and Angela Nocera
Lisa Norberg
David Nummey '09
Gui Nunes
John '55 and Joane O'Connor
Elizabeth O'Donnell '83
Thomas '90 and Barbara O'Dwyer
Rolf Ohlhausen '58 and Suzanne Davis
Ben Ohtsu '91
Brian Okane '93
Robin Orans '71 and Pater Wassburger
Joseph '91 and Youngson Orchowski
Denise Orlando '72 and Frank Orlando '71
Alexa Orrico '16 and Ewan Kay '14
Gary Osgood '79
Robert '58 and Doris Osolin
Alfred Osterlund '54 and Shirley McLeod
Lawrence '61 and Maryanne Oswand
Eduardo '75 and Martha Palacio
Laura Palmucci and Antonio Bertolotto
Cheng Pan '10
Larry Pappas '98
Juliana Park '94 and Christopher Gee
Heui Young Park '20
Robert '81 and Denise Parkanyi
Pamela Parker '05
Charles '55 and Eleanor Parody
Suzanne Parrish-Dudek '89 and Edward Dudek '87
Gedalia Pasternak '98 and Rachela Elias
Alice and Douglas Patton
Andrew Pena '18
Marylene and Stephen Permut
Salvatore Perrotta '06 and Alexis Margolin
Estelle Perry
Nadia Pervez '99 and Matthew Pervez '00
Jeffrey Piazza '97
David Plotkin '81
Plumstead Studios
Vivian Poon '93 and Alan Poon '93
Valentine '63 and Barbara Povinelli
Benedetto '57 and Cindy Puccio
Elliott Puckette '89
Peter '78 and Lois Puglionesi
Dennis '61 and Barbara Rader
The Radio Club of America
Fisal Rahman '98
Arvin Rampersad '06
Richard Ravenhall '52 and Matilda Black-Ravenhall
Laurelann Rech '85 and Sean Cryan
Janet '80 and Richard Reed
Rob Reed '98
Mark '73 and Fredda Regen
Michael Reich '72
Margaret Riegel '84
Donald Reilly '65 and Katherine Domoto
Robert Reinckens
David '70 and Cynthia Reindl
Charles '65 and Marcia Reiss
Eli '50 and Adina Reshotko
Barbara Reuter
Leo Revi '64
Alexander Reznik '96
Steven '86 and Lisa Rizzi
Joyce Robins Nozkowski '66 and Thomas Nozkowski '67
Joel '65 and Barbara Roisman
Gregory Roos '79 and Martha Hudak-Roos
Hyman Rosen '82 and Iris Engelson
Walter '52 and Marcia Rosen
David Ross
Silvia Rotemberg
Harvey '67 and Barbara Rothenberg
Mark '67 and Lori Rubin
Ronald '67 and Nancy Rubin
Robert '71 and Suzanne Ruff
Melvyn '63 and Millie Rumerman
RUR Architecture, P.C.
Alison Russell
Mark Russell
Martin '65 and Leslie Sacks
Steven '72 and Carole Sacks
Francisco '77 and Joan Salas
Paul Saletan
Rudolf '58 and Sharon Salinger
Debra and Richard Samuels
Jules Saslow '60 and Sandy Saslow '60
Joanne Savio '86
Jonathan '85 and Dorothy Schere
Robert '87 and Gina Schmeider
Peter '60 and Naomi Schmidt
Allyn '66 and Meredith Schneider
Adam Scholem '03
Christopher Schwalen '11
Robert '99 and Robin Schwartz
Yvonne and Manfred Schweiger
Lawrence '89 and Constance Scinto
James '95 and Judith Scire
Lee '79 and Jo Ann Scolnick
Deborah Segaloff and Mario Ascoli
Larry '61 and Linda Seidman
Carl '67 and Barbara Selinger
Michelle Selwin
Christopher '97 and Laura Semlies
Jonathan Shane
Monica Shapiro
Sydell Shayer '52 and Lawrence Shayer '52
Tong Shen '06
Cynthia Sheng '91
George '71 and Marta Shevchuk
Nobumichi and Kazuko Shimizu
Fred '53 and Fran Shinagel
Hsu-Wei '90 and Tammy Shueh
Jeffrey '68 and Rhona Shulman
Hal Siegel '93
Brian Silverstein '73 and Leslie Quenell
Catherine and William Singer
Gregory Skiano '12
Paul Skittone '00
Akiva Sklar '99
Randi Smith '81 and Scott Smith '80
Malcolm '67 and Sheila Sokol
Howard '59 and Janet Solot
Gerald '69 and Madeline Soloway
Eugene '64 and Elizabeth Soltero
Barbara Somson and Ross Eisenbrey
Lou '78 and Jeannie Sorrell
Srikanth Srinivasan '08
Erica Srolovitz '91 and Steven Srolovitz '91
The Steel Institute of New York
Paul Alter '82 and Gloria Stern
Russell Sternlicht '15
George '71 and Susan Stimak
Richard Stock
Douglas Stoffa '93
Charles Stone '93
Thomas '85 and Linda Strand
Lucius '80 and Vida Strazdis
David Sturm '74 and Barbara Katersky
Seymour '44 and Audrey Zubkoff
Juh-Young Suh '91 and Hai-Sik Lee
Daniel '67 and Kathleen Sullivan
Gale and Thomas Synnott
Wing Szeto '92
Joseph Tagliaferro '98
Helena Tam '01 and Kenneth Mui '02
Gunnar Tamm '96
Karen Yeh '02
Howard '79 and Patricia Teitelbaum
Cassandra Telenko '07
Debbie Tendler
Maureen Termecz '88 and Andrew Fethes '88
Andy Ting '89
Toni Torres
Michael Tower '93
Oleh '58 and Renata Treitak
Winnie Tsui '06
Joseph '76 and Christine Tuozzolo
Mark Turits '80 and Kathy Bryant
Ghebre '77 and Seghen Tzeghai
Nanako Umemoto '83 and Jesse Reiser '81
Raymond Vargas '97
Antoine Veliz '02
Harold '59 and Sandra Vellins
Shankar Venkataraman '03
Joseph '83 and Maryellen Viola
Jan Voitehovich '13
Michael Wacks '82
Orest '80 and Christine Walchuk
Shiao Wang
Prathima '98 and Naukul Warrier
Stanley '66 and Arlene Weinrich
Philip '89 and Alla Weisberg
Robert '73 and Debby Weisman
Anne Wernau '68 and William Wernau '68
Ira '61 and Audrey Whitman
Marie Wieck '82 and Seamus Carroll
Paul '72 and Brinda Wiita
Peter Wilcox '79 and Bridget Bayer
Robert '65 and Marjorie Winick
Peter '68 and Karen Winokur
Donald '45 and Takouhy Wise
Amanda Wiss
Thomas Witelski '91
Chester '65 and Nancy Wolejsza
Carol Wolf '84 and William Wolf '84
Richard '78 and Barbara Wolkowitz
Allen '68 and Mona Wolmer
Russell Wong '83
Nathaniel Worden '95 and Nina Kulkarni
Kwame-Lante Wright '09
Andrew Wu '05 and Toby and Nicholas Wu
Jay Yarm '66 and Marlyn Baron
Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy '13
Ka Chun Yiu '03
Ellen Young '94
Jack '90 and Laleh Zar
Roya Zarrahpavar and Eric Rasmussen
Leslie Zelamsky '87 and Marc Cordaro '86
John Zhao '06
Ren Zhou
Jinqin and Weitang Zhou


  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.