Enrollment Matters: Fall 2020

Dear Students,

As we approach the start of the semester and on behalf of the Enrollment staff, which includes both Student Financial Services and the Registrar, we want to share a quick note about our Payment Deadline, Registration, Financial Aid, and Your Student Account, as follows:

  • Importantly, we have extended the tuition payment deadline (originally August 16) to Tuesday, September 1, 2020. No late fees will be incurred by students provided they have made payment arrangements on or before September 1.
  • a review of our portal for sharing registration, financial aid, and student account information
  • student employment guidelines for Fall 2020
  • the regular financial aid appeals process
  • the emergency, COVID-19-related appeals process designed to provide short term support to any student who has incurred unexpected financial hardship as a result of the pandemic
  • the recently updated financial aid portion of the Cooper website which has been augmented with a new FAQ section and an additional general information section about how the financial aid process works at Cooper

Please take the time to read this important information and share with family members who may find it helpful.

Payment Deadline Extension

In light of continuing challenges of the pandemic, we felt it important to provide families with a little more time to make financial arrangements for the fall semester. As such, we have extended the tuition payment deadline to Tuesday, September 1, 2020. No late fees will be incurred by students provided they have made payment arrangements on or before September 1. Please contact our student accounts office if you have any questions about the process, payment plans, etc.

The Portal or “Self Service”

Cooper utilizes a portal called “Self-Service” where you will see registration, financial aid, student account, and other important information concerning your enrollment. In addition, the Self-Service portal is where you will set up your banking information to easily receive and make electronic payments and transfers. This avoids the delay associated with issuing paper checks and is strongly recommended.

You have previously received instructions on setting up your account. If you need help with this, contact us immediately. Setting up your account is essential to ensuring your enrollment is correct and your account is in order. Also, the Self-Service portal is the only place to find key information regarding enrollment. We do not send paper statements, schedules, award letters, etc. It is all only available in the portal.

The Self-Service login can be found here.

Student Employment, Work Study, and related matters

Many students seek part-time employment opportunities while at Cooper. Student work will continue in Fall 2020, despite the challenges associated with COVID-19. Most work will be done remotely, and all of the processes will be handled virtually/digitally. For domestic students who are eligible, based on financial need determined by their FAFSA, there are federal financial aid funds that support student employment. Cooper makes it a priority to hire students who have need-based work study eligibility. For non-domestic students there are also some opportunities. It is important to note the following:

  • students must register with the financial aid office to be eligible to work student jobs.
  • students are not guaranteed to have work study employment. Students must apply to be hired and work the appropriate hours to be paid from the work study funds.

Detailed information can be found here.

*F-1 students are not eligible to file the FAFSA and should check with the Cooper ISSO Office regarding employment eligibility and opportunities.

Financial Aid Appeals (regular process)

The regular process for appealing financial aid awards is described here and it includes the application form for appeals. Please follow the directions carefully should you think your financial circumstances have changed significantly since completing the FAFSA and/or receiving your award letter.

Emergency Aid (COVID-19 related process)

Cooper has two funds available for emergency support for students related to COVID-19. Domestic students (who must file a FAFSA to be eligible) may receive funds from the federal CARES Act, which is administered by our Financial Aid office.

Students who do not file a FAFSA may also be eligible for Cooper funds that we have set aside to assist students impacted by the virus.

There is ONLY one application form for this process regardless of your status. Information on these funds, and a link to the application form, may be found here.

Additional Key Links related to Fall 2020:

Resource Guide

Housing costs and their impact on Financial Aid

Finally, the enrollment area staff stands ready to assist you with any final questions you may have in the days ahead. Please reach out if you need us.


Office of Enrollment

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