Emergency COVID-19-Related Funding for Students

We are making emergency funding available for Cooper students adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cooper Union expects to receive funding for COVID-19 Emergency Relief under the recently passed CARES Act (part of the economic stimulus from Congress). The CARES ACT funding is intended to support students who have incurred additional costs or lost income as a result of the pandemic. It can be used by students to support housing, food, healthcare, course materials, technology, and/or childcare, but cannot be used to pay tuition or fees.

Today we are announcing the extension of the application process for these funds for eligible students.

We are also making additional funds available for students who are not eligible for CARES support.

Specifics on Eligibility

The CARES ACT fund has a Title IV eligibility requirement meaning that in order to be eligible to receive this support, students must complete the 2020-21 FAFSA. Most students have already done this, but some have not. If you wish to be considered for emergency support and you are eligible to file a FAFSA (as a US citizen or permanent resident), you must do so to be eligible. The deadline to apply for the emergency funds (and to have your FAFSA on file at Cooper) is Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

In addition to the CARES ACT we have also set aside additional institutional funds to support students who are not eligible for CARES-related support. Our intent in providing these funds is that they be used as emergency funding. They are designed to support costs for housing, food, healthcare, course materials, technology, and/or childcare, not tuition or fees.

Despite different eligibility requirements there is only ONE application required, regardless of whether you are CARES ACT-eligible or not.

Students who have previously received COVID-related emergency funds/financial assistance from Cooper will NOT be eligible for additional emergency funds from the CARES ACT or the COVID Emergency Fund. 

CARES ACT and COVID -19 Application Form.

Funding Amounts and Application Deadlines

We expect many students to request support. Since funds are limited, they will be awarded based on self-identified needs in the application and supporting documentation (if required). We will award the funds in three rounds as outlined below. Unfortunately, late applications cannot be reviewed. Awards will range from $100 to $2,000.

Round Seven

  • Application opens Wednesday, November 11, 2020
  • Application closes Monday, December 9, 2020 
  • Decision will be made by Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Round Six


Round Five


Round Four


Round Three


Round two


Round one


Should support be awarded, the full amount will be deposited to the student’s bank account within 5 to 10 business days of notification. If not already enrolled in direct deposit (for the student account, not the payroll account), the student is encouraged to sign up now through Student Self Services. This process is the easiest and fastest way to receive funding.

For all fund-related questions, please contact: cucovidef@cooper.edu.

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