MUDBUG (Multi-Use Data-acquisition Bio Unit Group)

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Advisors (and respective Department)

Neveen Shlayan (EE), Matt Bower (Hum, starting fall 2023) 

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Understand how data collection can bolster different agricultural systems, and develop sensor modules to collect said data. 

Issues Involved or Addressed

  • Food Security 
  • Precision Agriculture 
  • Soil Restoration and Rehabilitation 
  • Data-Informed Management 
  • Self-Sufficiency and Decentralization 
  • Community Development and Engagement 
  • Marketability 
  • Resilient Design 


Subteams will be divided into themes/sections, rather than specific projects. Students will not be constrained to any one team which would allow for "cross-pollination" of knowledge sets: –Modeling –IoT –Agriculture –Outreach/recruiting

Methods & Technologies

Open source development, IoT, Iterative design process.

Majors Looking for on this Team

All engineering majors, art, and architecture.

Preferred Interests, Preparation, Skills

1. Background/interest in:

  • Food agriculture, food justice, and food networks
  • "Smart" city futures
  • Sustainability and equity
  • Intersectional environmentalism
  • Open source IoT
  • Fabrication/making methods
  • Interdisciplinarity

2. Experience with or willingness to learn:

  • Working in a team
  • Clear communication skills
  • Project development & organization
  • Multiple plant growth methods, in both hydroponic & soil-based realms
  • Microcontroller & sensing network I/O
  • Modeling methods
  • Assembly/hand tool methods
  • Management and collaboration software

3. Completion of:

  • EID 101 (or similar introductory design course)

Team Contact information

Please contact Brandon Hunt at

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