Visiting Lecture | Fabio Gramazio: Digital Materiality

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 6:30 - 8:30pm

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Clay Rotunda, 2020-2021(c) Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich. Photo: Michael Lyrenmann

Clay Rotunda, 2020-2021(c) Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich. Photo: Michael Lyrenmann

This presentation will be conducted in-person and through Zoom. Zoom account registration is required, please register in advance here.

Fabio Gramazio will give a lecture presenting research that examines the changes in architectural production requirements that result from introducing digital manufacturing techniques. Our special interest lies in combining data and material and the resulting implications this has on the architectural design. The possibility of directly fabricating building components described on the computer expands not only the spectrum of possibilities for construction, but, by the direct implementation of material and production logic into the design process, it establishes a unique architectural expression and a new aesthetic.

The lecture will be followed by a discussion moderated by Benjamin Aranda. 

Fabio Gramazio is an architect with multi-disciplinary interests ranging from computational design and robotic fabrication to material innovation. In 2000, he founded the architecture practice Gramazio & Kohler in conjunction with his partner Matthias Kohler, where numerous award-wining designs have been realised. Current projects include the design of the Empa NEST research platform, a future living and working laboratory for sustainable building construction. Opening also the world’s first architectural robotic laboratory at ETH Zurich, Gramazio & Kohler’s research has been formative in the field of digital architecture, setting precedence and de facto creating a new research field merging advanced architectural design and additive fabrication processes through the customised use of industrial robots. This ranges from 1:1 prototype installations to the design of robotically fabricated high-rises. His recent research is outlined and theoretically framed in the book The Robotic Touch: How Robots Change Architecture (Park Books, 2014). From 2017 to 2019, Fabio Gramazio was Director of Studies for Bachelor and Master Architecture.

The in-person lecture is open to Cooper Union students, faculty, and staff in room 315F. This event is free and accessible to the public through Zoom.  

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