Intradisciplinary Seminar: Jonah Bokaer

Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 7 - 8:30pm

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Hristoula Harakas in Jonah Bokaer's 'Triple Echo.' Photo by Beowulf Sheenan

Hristoula Harakas in Jonah Bokaer's 'Triple Echo.' Photo by Beowulf Sheenan

"For the past fourteen years I have been developing my own choreographic language along with collaborators from the visual arts, design and architecture. The main theme of this conference will be how dance and movement can be correlated to architecture and visual patterns, visual dynamics. The conversation will foremost focus on the relationship with design and dance through app design, and how dance can be involved in a digital arena. I also work as a visual artist and I am currently creating a piece commissioned by the Parrish Museum for the Platform Program this summer 2016. For this specific art installation I will be incorporating visuals elements to live performance, films and archival installations from the museum’s collection. As a visual artist exploring archives has been a recurrent theme that fascinates me. In 2014 I had designed an installation for the Center For Jewish History in New York to commemorate the women’s resistance of October 7th, 1944. Again here, archival elements and ephemera were predominant - but merged with new creation as well. Disappearance versus emptiness, versus full erasure, versus super abundance, are themes I will address during this conference." - Jonah Bokaer

Named a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow in Choreography, and a USA Artists Ford Fellow in Choreography in 2015, Jonah Bokaer has been active as a choreographer and exhibiting artist since 2002. The creator of 55 works in a wide variety of media (dances, videos, motion capture works, three interactive installations, four mobile applications, and one film), Bokaer’s work has been produced throughout venues in the U.S. and abroad.

This lecture is part of the Spring 2016 Intradisciplinary Seminar, part of the Robert Lehman Visiting Artist Program at The Cooper Union. We are grateful for major funding support from the Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.

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