Digital Assets: The Birth of a Universe Webinar

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 7 - 8pm

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Spend an evening with professionals who are building our Digital Financial future.  From Bitcoin to NFT, block chain technology is creeping into every aspect of finance and commerce.  Hear from Industry experts about how it all works, what our digital future could look like, thought on upcoming market innovations, the culture and societal impacts of this revolution….and how to get involved.

The webinar will be moderated by trustee, Eric Hirschhorn ME'89.

Panelists include:
Ian D’Souza - Professor of Finance and Blockchain, NYU Stern
Professor at NYU Stern teaching subjects at the interface between finance and technology including venture capital, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  He was previously the CIO of two tech funds. He has most recently advised a number of crypto funds for VC and token investment positions.  He also works with the founders of select DeFi and stablecoin protocols and sits on their advisory boards.

Rick Schonberg - Head of Trading Product, Coinbase
Director of Institutional Product at Coinbase where he focuses on the institutional trading experience.  Having spent decades on Wall St in electronic trading and traditional finance (aka TradFi), Rick had his first foray with crypto at Tagomi, a digital asset trading platform acquired by Coinbase in 2020.  Now at Coinbase, Rick is looking to help deliver the platform and services that help TradFi Institutions transition successfully to the world of Digital Finance.

David Schwed  - Global Head of Digital Assets Technology, BNY Mellon
He is responsible for helping to develop and implement BNY Mellon’s information technology strategy for their digital asset offerings across the enterprise to ensure that all facets of the organization are working together to meet their clients’ needs. Prior to joining BNY Mellon, David was the founding director and professor of the Cybersecurity Master’s program for the Katz School of Science and Health at Yeshiva University.  He also served as the chief architect of Galaxy Digital’s, a full-service digital assets merchant bank, information security program, defining and revising all policies, procedures, and best practices. He’s been the primary researcher at a global fortune 200 financial services company for geopolitical threats, focusing on attacks originating from high-risk regions; collected and compiled findings into reports providing insight and guidance to stakeholders on threats impacting the financial services industry. He also launched and managed a telecommunications network management company leading to an acquisition by a Fortune 500 company in 2018. 

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