Free Education Committee

The Free Education Committee (FEC) of The Cooper Union Board of Trustees was created in 2015. The Committee's focus and responsibility is to, "examine whether Cooper Union can return to a sustainable, full tuition scholarship model that maintains Cooper Union's strong reputation for academic quality within its art, architecture and engineering programs at their historical levels of enrollment." Accordingly, The FEC is to develop and propose a strategic plan to this end.

The members of the FEC are:

  • Carol Wolf A’84, Chair (Alumni Trustee) 
  • Elias Dills AR'24 (Student Trustee)
  • Malcolm King EE’97
  • Marshall Rafal ChE'63 (Alumni Trustee)

The Plan

The Plan at Five Years: Returning to Full-Tuition Scholarships -- June 20, 2024
Board-approved Plan to Return to Full-tuition Scholarships -- March 14, 2018
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FEC Recommended Plan to Return to Full-Tuition Scholarships -- January 15, 2018
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FEC Plan Q&A -- March 7, 2018

Reports & Updates

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Free Education Committee Progress Report January 15, 2017
Free Education Committee Issues Status Update July 1, 2016
A Message on Behalf of the Free Education Committee Jan. 15, 2016

Town Hall Meetings

March 7, 2018
February 13, 2018
February 7, 2018
January 29, 2018

The Free Education Committee Progress Reports are presented in accordance with the Consent Decree, Section VII(A) 2.

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