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Jennifer Weiser (ChE – Coordinator), Sam Keene (EE), Mili Shah (MA)

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This interdisciplinary VIP will focus on building models for biological systems that focus on finding creative solutions to common problems in healthcare. This will include both computational and physical explorations of various body systems. The goal will be to have a better understanding of complex biological environments through creating databases of information in which to improve society.

Issues Involved or Addressed

We are interested in creating solutions to issues surrounding healthcare. Our goal is to build computational or physical systems that can integrate with current standards of care and enhance patient outcomes. Secondarily, our goal is to better understand motion and the human body to develop devices that may interpret human actions.


  • Biomaterials: understanding structure/function relationships between composite materials for injectable spine bioadhesives 
  • Robotic limbs: creating and modeling motion of various human extremities, both physically and computationally 
  • Machine learning and signal processing for healthcare, including signal and image processing, machine learning, deep learning. Applications include pancancer analysis, audio/eeg signal processing, image segmentation

Methods & Technologies

Biomaterials Projects: Techniques include – Hydrogel, microparticle, and composite formulation. Mechanical strength testing and biostatistical analysis using R. Protein engineering and characterization. In vitro and ex vivo culture.

Computational Projects: OpenCV, Microsoft Kinect Camera and SDK, Webcams, OpenPose, C++.

Machine Learning projects:  MATLAB, Python, Sci-kit Learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, other machine learning packages as required.

Majors Looking for on this Team

All majors from Cooper Union interested in Bioengineering problems.


Team Contact information

Dr Jennifer Weiser, | Dr Sam Keene, | Dr Mili Shah, 

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