IGVC Team's Design Won the Rookie of the Year Award at the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

POSTED ON: June 10, 2022


The Cooper Union Albert Nerken School of Engineering’s IGVC Team received a Rookie of the Year award after passing every qualifying test at last weekend’s annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) competition. The IGVC competition is a chance for undergraduate and graduate student teams from around the nation to showcase the designs of their autonomous vehicles and demonstrate their vehicles’ self-driving and parking capabilities. It’s the oldest and largest autonomous vehicle competition in the US.

The Cooper team, led by junior electrical engineering student Daniel Mezhiborsky and advisors Neveen Shlayan, associate professor of electrical engineering, and Michael Giglia, adjunct instructor of mechanical engineering, placed 4th for self-drive performance and fifth for self-drive design. This summer the IGVC team plans to continue improving their vehicle's system to be able to complete more complex function tests and potentially completing the IGVC challenge. Informed by their experience from the competition, the team will also develop training and onboarding material for new students interested in joining the team.

The IGVC team is part of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering’s Autonomy Lab (autonomylab.nyc) that tackles interdisciplinary, multifaceted projects that are at the cutting edge of technology while providing students' comprehensive design experiences.

This year's team include:
Daniel Mezhiborsky EE'23
Isabella Flynn ME'25
Ridwan Hussain EE'25
Lorina Ilkkan EE'25
Jacob Koziej  EE'25
Ilona Lameka EE'25
Jon Lu EE'23
Lizelle Ocfemia EE'25
Giuseppe Quaratino EE'24
Neil Sawhney ME'24
Henry Son EE'22
Isaiah Rivera EE'25

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