Accelerated Plant Growth Results From an Intensive Shallow Bottom Heat System Using Waste Geothermal Hot Water and Steam Condensate in Iceland

ABSTRACT: The authors have developed an enhanced intensive shallow bottom heat agricultural system using waste geothermal hot water and steam condensate that is analogous to a heated sidewalk at the Agricultural University of Iceland, the Keilir Institute of technology and HNLFI clinic in Iceland. The gardens are heated throughout the year. The results confirm the survival of out of zone plants, including tomatoes and zucchinis that produced a harvestable crop. Plant growth was often increased by 20% or more while the growing season was extended by about 4 to 6 weeks that may increase the value of the crop. Green grass has been documented during the winter. The authors have developed an analogous system in New York City using waste CHP heat in a similar cascade utilization that has demonstrated comparable results.

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