Senior Art Shows Include Work by 2020 Graduates

POSTED ON: September 10, 2021

School of Art Senior Shows Fall 2021

A hallmark of The Cooper Union School of Art is its senior shows when students exhibit their work in the Foundation Building's various galleries as a culmination of their art education. But that rite of passage was, like so many other aspects of school life, a victim of COVID-19. To mitigate that loss, the School of Art's administration invited those seniors to come back to Cooper to mount a show of their art.

Remarking on the pandemic's impact on 2020's graduates, Dean Mike Essl expressed regret and concern that any student should've missed that opportunity, "We promised to try to make that right and this was the solution we came up with. Shows in the fall are generally light and the use of the shops doesn't get intense until the end of the semester, so the timing seemed right. We are so glad to see the space get reactivated so soon."

Below is the schedule for Fall 2021 senior shows through the end of October: 

September 11–19

Laszlo Horvath (Colonnade)
Ty Pawlowski (2nd Floor Lobby)

September 18–26

Colin Deloach (41 Cooper Gallery)
Tammy Wei (5th floor lobby)

September 25–October 3

Frances Tyska (41 Cooper Gallery)
Hannah Taurins (41 Cooper Gallery)

October 2–10

Anisa Rakaj (41 Cooper Gallery)
Calla McInnes (Colonnade)

October 8–17

Darock Kang (41 Cooper Gallery)
Jessica Floyd (41 Cooper Gallery)
Jesus Morales (Colonnade)
Kian Ferris (7th floor lobby)

October 16–24

Jonathan Wilborn (41 Cooper Gallery)
Christian Vargas (41 Cooper Gallery)
Danny Polonsky (41 Cooper Gallery)
Kiersten Mercado (Colonnade)
Ana Hierro Flores (7th floor lobby)

October 23–31

Nicholas D’Ornellas (41 Cooper Gallery)
Rafaella Fontenelle (41 Cooper Gallery)
Gunnar Kortenbach (41 Cooper Gallery)
Sam Warkov (Colonnade)
Willa Cosinuke (5th floor lobby)
Nicole Lindner (7th floor lobby)



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