Summer at Cooper

Get a jump on getting to know some of your future classmates and faculty members and in some cases a jumpstart on required coursework. 

The Albert Nerken School of Engineering is offering two in-person courses this summer to fall 2024 admitted students. Ch 110 and Ma111 are required courses for first-year School of Engineering students but are open to all students. It is not required to take these courses over the summer as they will also be offered during the regular academic year. 

Ch 110: General Chemistry
An introduction to the general scientific principles associated with chemistry. This course will deal with fundamental ideas such as the concept of the atom, the molecule, and the mole, and their applications to chemical problems. The classical topics include dimensional analysis and significant figures; atomic weights; periodic properties; chemical reactions and stoichiometry; redox reactions; ideal gas law and real gas equations of state; the liquid state and intermolecular forces; solution concentrations; chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constants; acids and bases; solubility equilibria; nomenclature of inorganic and organic compounds. The topics for atomic and molecular properties include atomic structure and the quantum theory; electronic structure of atoms; the covalent bond and bond properties; molecular geometries and hybridization; and molecular orbital theory. 

  • Classes begin July 8 and end August 9
  • Classes will be Monday – Thursday, 9:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. EST 
  • 3 credits

Ma 111: Calculus I
Functions; limit of functions, continuity. The derivative and its applications: curve sketching, maxima and minima, related rates, velocity and acceleration in one dimension; trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, and hyperbolic functions. Definite and indefinite integrals; area, the fundamental theorem, techniques of integration. 

  • Classes begin July 8 and end August 9
  • Classes will be Monday – Thursday, 9 – 11:50 a.m. EST
  • 4 credits 

This summer the math placement exam will be offered in August. Please check back for updates. 

The School of Engineering courses Ch 110 and Ma 111 will also be offered during the regular academic year. If interested in taking these courses over the summer, please register by emailing Professor Ruben Savizky, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Late registrations will be considered if space is available.

Due to the scheduling overlap, compressed summer schedule, and intensity of the courses, you are only permitted to register for one summer course offered by the School of Engineering.

Registration Deadline


  • Registration deadline is Monday, June 24
Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid, and Payment Info


  • Tuition per credit: $1,310
  • Mandatory Student fee: $568
  • Summer tuition is charged on a per credit basis of $1,310. Cooper financial aid and scholarships are awarded (toward tuition only, this does not include fees which are paid by the student) on the basis of the existing award on file for each student. For example, a student who receives Cooper aid totaling 60% of their tuition for 2024 – 25 will receive a 60% award towards tuition charges (not fees) for summer 2024.  
  • Unfortunately, federal and state financial aid is not available to students enrolling for the first time in the summer as a first-year student of the 2024 – 25 academic year. 
  • Summer tuition bill is due on Thursday, May 8, 2024. All domestic online payments must be made through the Student Self-Service portal.
  • International online payments must be made through Flywire.
  • Only domestic and international money orders, cashier checks, third party scholarship payments, 529 payments, and any other vendor payments may also be mailed. The address to mail such payments is below.
  • Regular Mailing Address:
    The Cooper Union
    P.O. Box 22422 
    New York, NY 10087-2422

    Overnight Mailing Address: 
    JPMorgan Chase – Lockbox Processing 
    Attn: The Cooper Union and 22422 
    4 Chase Metrotech Center 
    7th floor East 
    Brooklyn, NY 11245
  • Cooper Union does not accept credit or debit cards, personal checks, or wire transfers for tuition and fees, health insurance, or room charges.
  • Financial aid and student accounts online appointments are available Monday – Thursday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm during the summer schedule. Please click HERE to make an appointment. 

Hope to see you this summer!

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