Type@Cooper and the Continuing Education Department of The Cooper Union, in conjunction with the Type Directors Club, offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Typeface Design.

Public Workshops, taught by top industry professionals, are offered to provide training in lettering, type history, typeface design, technology and production to anyone wishing to build skills and their knowledge base.

Branding with Type
Ellen Lupton Branding with Type

Explore the fundamentals of typographic styling and layout while inspiration from the exhibition The Senses: Design Beyond Vision at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

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Brush Lettering
Brush Lettering with Ken Barber

This 2 day workshop will provide an overview of freehand brush lettering. Referencing tools, techniques, and models, participants will hone their skills as they take a wordmark from concept to completion.

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Fundamentals of Flat Brush Lettering
Fundamentals of Flat Brush Lettering: Block Capitals & Condensed Casuals with John Downer

This workshop will cover styles that can be lettered efficiently with a flat brush. Focusing on the shape and strokes of the brush to give the lettering a personality of its own.

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Introduction to Lettering
Introduction to Lettering with Ken Barber

Instruction will focus on developing fundamental hand skills, primarily by means of manual pencil-drawing techniques. Participants will gain a solid basis in the principles that make for successful lettering.

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Lettering Intensive: The Modern Letter
Lettering Intensive: The Modern Letter with ken Barber

In this workshop, students will learn how to customize hand-drawn Modern letterforms and exploit their inherent versatility for different uses.

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Mechanics of Typography
The Mechanics of Typographic Space

Typography is an essential aspect of graphic communication, but the mechanics involved in doing so elegantly can sometimes seem mystifying. This course helps understantding the elements to implement strong typography.

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Movable Type: Animation for Typographers
Movable Type: Animation for Typographers

In this 10-week course, you’ll learn the basics of Adobe After Effects as well as the fundamental principles of animation and its effect on design, typography, and meaning.

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Principles of Typeface Design 
Principles of Typeface Design: the fundamentals - typeface design class

This course is for anyone who has always wanted to design their own typeface, but is unsure where to start. Or for those who just love type, and wish they knew more about how it works.

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Proportions with John Downer
Proportions with John Downer

This course will address matters of concern regarding character proportions, stroke weights, curve descriptions, and miscellaneous ratios in type design.

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Script Logos and Wordmarks
Script Logos and Wordmarks with Ken Barber

In this workshop, participants will learn how to build on a variety of versatile script styles that are especially suited for drawing one-of-a-kind logos and wordmarks.

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Spencerian Lettering
Spencerian Lettering with Ken Barber

In this workshop, students will acquire the basics for drawing upper- and lowercase letterforms, along with the flourishing methods that are particular to the style.

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Typographic Relativity: Three Projects
Typographic Relativity: Three Projects with Ina Saltz

In this class, students will learn to refine the relationships of typographic elements in their projects. The complex dynamics of choosing typographic style, size, weight, width, slope, color, orientation and position.

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