Campus update: While we've worked hard to preserve the possibility that students could return, the remainder of the spring semester will be conducted online. Staff will work remotely until at least April 20. See the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates page.

Summer STEM Program

Two students work on assembling an electronics circuit for a remote control vehicle. Students in the Rube Goldberg class prototype  components with cardboard and cups before 3D printing final parts. Summer STEM students test a gear for an elevator in the Rube Goldberg machine. Microcontrollers and breadboards used by Summer STEM students to assemble electronics. Alternative energy students prepare a viscosity test in a safety hood. Sustainable and green energy students test prototypes to gather energy from wind.

Update 3/24/2020: Applications deadline extended to April 3, 2020. 

Update 3/19/20: Applications can be submitted with an incomplete recommendation letter.

Summer STEM acceptance letters will be sent via email after April 20, 2020.  Watch here for updates on acceptance letters.


Summer STEM offers six week programs for high school sophomores and juniors and three week programs for high school freshman in design, engineering and hands-on problem-solving. Class projects cover topics from current problems in civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Students gain knowledge in an engineering field and guidance to address a real-world problem by designing and engineering a team project.  

Classes:  Projects descriptions are found here.  You will select a first and second choice on your application.

Six Week Session 1: July 6 - August 13, 2020
Three Week Session 1: July 6 - 23, 2020
Three Week Session 2: August 3 - 20, 2020

Daily Schedule: Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm 

Three week session: $2000
Six week session: $3650
Application fee: $5
Full and half tuition scholarships and application fee waivers are available


  • A high school freshman, sophomore or junior during the 2019-2020 school year
  • Able to reside in New York City for the entire program.  We cannot provide visa assistance for international students
  • An average student in the program has a GPA of 3:0 in their English, math and science classes and describes themselves as motivated, hard-working, creative, and passionate about making a change in the world.

Deadline: Application AND Recommendation letters must be submitted by March 27, 2020 

Note: Acceptance or rejection to the Cooper Union Summer STEM Program does not affect entrance to Cooper Union’s undergraduate program. However, your performance in Summer STEM may be  considered if you apply to the undergraduate program.

The Cooper Union Pre-College STEM program is supported through generous donations from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, John Ben Snow Memorial Trust, New York Building Foundation, and The Henry Sterne Trust.

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