Senior Academic Support Technician Media Lab

Posted On: April 05, 2019

Hours: Full Time


The Senior Academic Support Technician [SAST] is a Full-time IT position, reporting to the Manager of ITSM Applications & Media Lab [MIAML], that assists in the management of regular Media Lab operations. The [LAST] will coordinate Media Lab staff schedules; support students, faculty and staff in the use of Media Lab technologies; maintain the existing technical infrastructure of the Media Lab; manage and mentor student workers; and coordinate Apple and Windows OS desktop support for Media Lab spaces in 41 Cooper Square and provides desktop support for Apple hardware across campus as needed.


  • Assist [MIAML] to support the Media Lab;
  • Create schedules, in consultation with [MIAML], for the following:
    • PT AST shifts for Semesters, Summer, and Winter Recess,
    • Student Operator shifts for Semesters and break periods,
    • PT AST and Student Operator trainings,
    • Teaching rotation for Digital Techniques classes,
    • Coordinate shift changes on an ad hoc basis;
  • Assist [MIAML] with developing training content and materials for:
    • PT AST software/hardware skill training,
    • Media Lab Student Operator training;
  • Coordinate routine maintenance and support for both Apple hardware and Apple and Windows OS software in the Media Lab, in consultation with [MIAML];
  • Train Student Operators to serve as effective peer-staff in the Media Lab. Instruct Student Operators in daily and weekly tasks, Media Lab protocols, and work flows, as well as in professional work habits;
  • Manage inventory and tracking methods for all Media Lab consumables and check-out items, in consultation with [MIAML]. Work to support a culture of responsible resource stewardship and waste reduction;
  • Perform regular AST duties as needed:
    • Provide technical assistance to students, faculty, and staff with imaging/scanning, audio/video, presentation, software and hardware related questions/issues,
    • Manage the large-format printing for all Media Lab plotters, including loading/unloading paper stock based on student need, tracking paper use and supply levels, regular cleaning maintenance, and service calls;
  • Assign work to Student Operators and set priorities for their regular tasks as needed;
  • Participate in IT staff meetings


  • Knowledge of technologies necessary to support the Media Lab: Apple & Windows Operating Systems; Adobe CC Suite; Microsoft Office; AutoCAD; Rhino; JAMF; KACE
  • Ability to direct student workers
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to provide leadership and guidance to students, faculty, and Media Lab staff


Bachelor’s Degree required

This is a unionized position.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Submit resume and cover letter to:
Human Resources
30 Cooper Square, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Or email to:

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