WebAdvisor FAQ

Where is the WebAdvisor webpage? 

Are there instructions on how to log in to WebAdvisor? 
Yes.  See Creating a WebAdvisor Account

Why does it say "You do not have an e-mail address on file"? 
HR has not entered your e-mail address into the Colleague database. Contact self_serve@cooper.edu, to have your e-mail address entered into the Colleague database. You will not be able to retrieve your WebAdvisor login information until an e-mail address has been entered in the Colleague database.

My Cooper e-mail address was created recently, and I don't know what it is, or what it's password is. What do I do?
For all questions regarding Cooper e-mail addresses and passwords, email self_serve@cooper.edu.

Why does it say "You are not signed up for WebAdvisor?"
Your WebAdvisor login credentials in the Colleague database have not been activated. Contact Brian Cusack and John Kibbe via dtadmin@cooper.edu to have your WebAdvisor credentials activated in the Colleague database. You will not be able to retrieve your WebAdvisor login information until your WebAdvisor credentials have been activated in the Colleague database. 

Why does it say "The system cannot uniquely identify" me?
There are several reasons this may happen. You may not have a SSN entered in the Colleague database, and you don't know your Colleague ID number. You may have typed in your SSN or Colleague ID number incorrectly. You may have typed something other than your Last Name into the field that says "Last Name". You may have had duplicate records created in the Colleague database. Check the numbers and the Last Name, and try again. If you still have no success, contact Brian Cusack and John Kibbe via dtadmin@cooper.edu to have this diagnosed and corrected. You will not be able to retrieve your WebAdvisor login information until this has been corrected. 

Why won't it accept my new password?
In addition to the complexity restrictions on the WebAdvisor reset password page, there are a few "unwritten" password rules. Don't use any words from the English language as part of your password. Don't use any part of your WebAdvisor User ID as part of your password. Don't attempt to use a recent password as a new password. 

I've reset my password successfully, but I can't log in from my iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. 
The Apple devices that use touchscreen technology do not send the standard ASCII codes for some special characters. If you set your password from a machine with a physical keyboard, and then can't login from your touchscreen device, or alternately you set your password from a touchscreen device and then can't login from a physical keyboard, go back to the device you initially set the password with, login, and choose a different password. The one character we know for sure that has this problem is the underscore, "_", but we are told there are a few others, possibly the square brackets, "[", and "]". 

I've logged in, but don't know what to do next. Who should I call? 
For questions on entering grades, approving registration requests, resolving class schedule conflicts, or anything that seems to have to do with Registration or Academic Records, contact the Registrar's office, at x120. Please click here for a training document for help on entering grades.

Why does it say "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached"? 
This is a known bug in WebAdvisor. To work around this, close the open WebAdvisor window or tab, and clear the "dtwa.cooper.edu" and "cooper.edu" cookies from your browser. To clear cookies, follow this guide.

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