From The Lab: Current Research at the Cooper Union

This is a research series hosted each semester by the Albert Nerken School of Engineering to highlight the current research. Each event has a short presentation by faculty and students within a research cluster followed by private tours of the research labs where students demo and present their projects.

Spring 2018 Theme: Food Engineering
Wednesday, March 7 6:30PM
RSVP to Crystal Ortiz, 212.353.4269

This spring the Albert Nerken School of Engineering is pleased to present current research by our faculty and students about a topic essential to all of us — food production. With an eye to developing solutions that promote sustainability and high nutrition, our researchers consider the current obstacles to energy- efficient food production and formulate exceptionally innovative ways to meet those challenges. Students will present five exciting projects, and you’ll have a chance to meet with them and their faculty advisors during lab tours to ask questions about the future of food and to learn how Cooper students are devising cutting-edge methods to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems.

Urban and Arctic Alchemy; Sustainable Control Systems Using Waste Municipal and Geothermal Heat to Increase Plant Growth Regions and Enhance Crop Yields
Advisors: Prof. Robert Dell, Founding Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology, Prof. Stan Wei
Student: Ashish Pokharel

Fluids: How nature makes art (a new course in Flow Visualization)
Advisor: Prof. Phil Yecko
Students: Yenchia (Amy) Feng and Max Summers

Closed-Loop Urban Food Systems
Advisor: Prof. Toby Cumberbatch
Students: Peter Manos, Sanjeev Menon, Jessica Martinez (Art)

ParaVentral Lighting System for Plant Growth Optimization
Advisor: Prof. Alan Wolf
Student: Nithi Subbaian

Biosynthesis of Beta-carotene in the Cricket Microbiome
Advisor: Profs. Oliver Medvedik & Radmila Janjusevic
Student: Kevin Chen, Seungwoo Ha and Paulo Serodio


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