3 Minute March Madness

The 3-Minute March Madness is an annual Engineering school research presentation event that began in 2015. It is an opportunity for students and faculty at the Cooper Union to learn more about the impactful research that takes place in the Engineering school and how to get involved.

It is held during club-hours and consists of 3-minute, rapid-fire presentations by engineering professors about their current research projects in a smorgasbord of topics ranging from detecting and quantifying chaos to mesoscopic scale neural networks to machine intelligence.

No loquacious speakers, no dilly-dallying, no Q&A — just research projects, and madness!!


2019 5th Annual 3-Minute March Madness Event [Flyer] [Presenter + Title + Email]

2018 4th Annual 3-Minute March Madness Event [Flyer] [Presenter + Title + Email]

2017 3rd Annual 3-Minute March Madness Event [Flyer] [Presenter + Title + Email]

2016 2nd Annual 3-Minute March Madness Event [Overview Video][Cooper Pioneer Article] [Flyer] [Presenter + Title + Email]

2015 Inaugural 3-Minute March Madness Event [Cooper Pioneer Article] [Flyer] [Presenter + Title + Email]


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