Drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Online

Drawing class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Eric Hibit

Cost: $425.00

Instructor: Eric Hibit

6 online sessions

Sundays, October 18–November 22, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Students draw from images in the online archive of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thousands of objects from diverse geographical locations, time periods and cultures are possible subjects for drawing. Professional-quality photographs from the archive showcase objects in exquisite detail, from vantage-points that convey the formal integrity of the objects. These images are ideal for students learn and hone fundamental skills in drawing, such as the use of simple shapes to "build" objects on a page and create dimension. Students learn how to create a range of light and dark, and drawing texture and surface qualities. This class is suitable for students with all levels of experience. Intermediate and advanced students received specialized feedback about their specific interests in drawing.

Materials list:

(1) 11X14 pad white drawing paper 

(1) set of graphite pencils, including the following: 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 6B

(1) pink eraser

(1) kneaded eraser

(1) manual pencil sharpener

Students with previous drawing experience are welcome to choose subjects independently of the weekly lesson.


Class #1 - intro. lesson

Fragments from Antiquity

  • Getting started: the tools and materials of drawing / best practices for drawing at home
  • Met collection search tips
  • Observing edge and shape by drawing fragments; search the collection for examples of fragments and create a “study page”; how are they arranged (composition)?
  • Contour lines : Blind contour / cross contour

Class #2 

Vessels (non-reflective and opaque / reflective and transparent)

  • Drawing ovals / spheres / tubes; how to use these simple shapes to render vessels
  • Shadows and highlights / surface character / mass and volume
  • Value: how to use graphite pencils to create a value chart

Class #3 

Furniture / case pieces

  • Drawing boxes in perspective; how to use boxes to render furniture such as chairs and tables
  • Shadows and highlights / backgrounds / negative space
  • Drawing accent motifs and surface decoration

Class #4 

Figurative objects (Greco-Roman, Oceania, Asia, Africa)

  • Basics of human proportion and human face; using basic proportions to render human form
  • Using ovals, circles / spheres, cylinders to render human form
  • Hands and feet
  • Contour lines

Class #5 

Clothing / Armour

  • Drawing fabric: folds, creases; basics of human proportion continued
  • Toning paper with graphite; blending; adding shadows and highlights with erasers
  • Mass, volume, texture

Class #6 

Landscapes (drawing from drawings!)

  • Using value to achieve atmospheric perspective
  • Line / texture
  • Scale and mark-making

Course Code: 135636

Instructor(s): Eric Hibit

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