Bookflow Online with Gustavo Soares

Bookflow Online with Gustavo Soares

Cost: $245.00

Mon., Jun. 15 – Mon., Jun. 15, 2020
10:00AM – 5:00PM 
tuition: $ 245 
location: Online 


Design development often eats up a big chunk of our time. In book design, this can get quite painful if you have long or messy documents and complex typography ahead. This six-hour workshop will cover a workflow anchored in Planning, Style Mapping, Grep, Grep Styles, Scripts and other powerful InDesign functionalities that result in hundreds, if not thousands, of spot-on typographic pages designed in less than a day.

Firstly you will learn a "divide and conquer" strategy to prepare and handle virtually any kind of Word document for the workflow with ease. Then we will explore basic and advanced style mapping; footnote, endnote and side note setups; chained cleaning routines with Grep; automatically refined micro-typography with Grep Styles and other simple yet powerful paragraph style attributes. You will also be introduced to using scripts in InDesign – as it is not possible to reach this speed with accuracy by hand. But it's straightforward, you will see.

To put this workflow to the test, we will use a real production Word document from Penguin/Companhia das Letras to do the design development of the whole book, more than 500 pages, in a couple of minutes. All with precise styling and micro-typography already in place.

The workflow is based in Word and InDesign, so you need to have both installed. Latest versions are preferred, but Word 2010+ and InDesign CS6+ will do fine. The workshop is online and very hands on, so it is recommended that you use two screens: one to watch, other to work. Mac and PC friendly.

Course Code: BookFlow

Instructor(s): Gustavo Soares

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