Pre-college Student Testimonials

POSTED ON: April 7, 2015

Caroline Sulzer (Spring 2014) Alexandra Ruiz (summer 2012) Alvin Sumigcay (summer 2012) Natalia Oliveri (Fall 2013) Collin Deloach Terri Minogue (summer 2012)
Caroline Sulzer (Spring 2014)

How was this program different from previous art classes you have had?

"This program is not just art. This program is "thought". This program gives you freedom in structure with guidance. It is far superior to all other high school/precollege programs I have attended." - Caroline Sulzer

"This Program was extremely different from anything I had ever experienced before. I had taken other photography and drawings classes before, but none of the teachers had ever shown as much interest in making sure I learned the skills as well as the ones at Copper Union have. They never made me want to be in the class every minute of my day either. It has been a struggle for me to pull myself away from Cooper every Saturday. I have also learned that I have so much more to learn after this, which is not something the professors from other art courses impressed upon
me." - Natalia Oliveri (Fall 2013)

"[It was] less EXACT and stressful. I felt more free to work and less afraid to explore different ideas. I could do anything and not be judged if its not agreeable to everyone." - Terri Minogue (summer 2012)

How did the Art Issues seminar affect your writing skills and verbal expression?

“The writing/art issues class exposed me to poetry as an effective and also beautiful form of communication, that I now truly appreciate and use often to express myself.” - Alexandra Ruiz.

“Yes! (and I never use exclamation marks) I’ve now successfully explored different mediums and ways to represent myself and I think much more deeply about connecting the subtleties in my writing.” - Alexander Diekmann.

“ It made me think more openly and set my standards for myself higher. My high
school classes never have much verbal expression.” - Collin Deloach.

How would you describe your teachers and teaching assistants? Please list their names.

"I loved Rune (drawing) as a teacher. He gave plenty of constructive advice and was very expressive, helped loosen up the quiet Monday Mornings" - Alvin Sumigcay - summer 2012.

Brian (photo) - "He was full of so much info. I feel like I've walked away really learning something after having class with him. I think it would take a VERY long time just to hear, never mind comprehend, all he could say to us about photography." - Devan-Ashley Lawrence.

"John, to be VERY HONEST, intimidates many of the students but he is wonderful and funny and a great teacher that inspires and pushes me." - Collin Deloach.

How has the program improved your self-­confidence?

" I feel much more confident in my drawing and photography, especially, in believing that I am capable of creating amazing things." - Natalia Oliveri (Fall 2013)

"The program has helped with my confidence a lot, I could not speak in front of a group before, but now I feel it is a lot easier than before." - Devan-Ashley Lawrence (Fall 2013)

"I have always been a very shy person and hated public speaking because I was afraid of what might happen. The writing program and art critiques at Cooper helped me realize that I cannot control what will happen, or what people will think, but that shouldn't stop me from sharing my thoughts and engaging with others" - Alexandra Ruiz

Do you think that this program has made you better prepared for college?

"Yes, I am now able to articulate clearer and in the process have completed two pieces that will be included in my portfolio. Also, I discovered a passion for printmaking." - Alexander Diekmann

"I am more focused on being loose, creative, and less uptight about "technical skill." I feel that I can progress more as an artist after this experience" - Terri Minogue (summer 2012.

"Because of this program, I feel that I could go to college today, I found that I never want to leave Cooper Union when the day is over, which I take as a good sign." - Natalia Oliveri (Fall 2013)

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