Basic Collage

Basic Collage Basic Collage Course Basic Collage Class Basic Collage Class NYC Basic Collage Course NYC
Basic Collage

Registration Status: This course is no longer being offered

Session Dates: October 07, 2017 - November 25, 2017

Cost: $395.00

Basic Collage provides non-experienced students with tools and techniques to approach and explore the medium. Fundamentals of acrylic paints and mediums, adhesives, drawing materials, papers, light collage materials such as fabric and cardboard are introduced. In-class demonstrations cover cutting and gluing techniques, inkjet and Xerox transfer with acrylic mediums and methods for combining collage with various materials. Strategies for how to begin a collage with drawing, tracing and photography are explored. Students learn about the basic elements of art (color, value, line, shape, pattern and texture) and how these elements synthesize to create visual experience. Students are asked to interpret general themes such as portrait, landscape or still-life in class assignments. The instructor advises students individually on the technical and conceptual development of their work. Student's work is supported with weekly presentations on the history of collage and its diverse manifestations throughout 20th century art. The works of contemporary 21st century collage artists are introduced through online gallery tours.

Meets Weekly: Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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Students MUST enroll 5 business days prior to the course start date, The final day to register is Oct. 5th., students enrolling after this date will pay a $15 late fee.

Registration starts: Sept. 5th Registration ends: October. 5th. A $15 late fee will be applied to enrollments after Jan. 23rd.

Course Code: 117578

Instructor(s): Eric Hibit

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