Intro to Digital Fabrication

3-D Printing for beginners Class in New York

Intro to Digital Fabrication

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Session Dates: February 07, 2017 - April 04, 2017

Cost: $655.00

Registration for this class is closed for the Spring 2017 period.

This course is designed for designers and makers of all types: architects, engineers, fashion designers, artists, and hobbyists. The focus of the course will be drawing, modeling and building a three-dimensional physical form from digital designs. Hands-on projects starting with simple two-dimensional drawing and 3d modeling; the three-dimensional form will then be laser cut, 3d printed and CNC milled using facilities at The Cooper Union. Students will explore modeling simple and complex objects, surfaces and spaces and then learn how to develop them physically using a laser cutter, 3d printing, and CNC milling technology. Participants will learn design software such as Rhinoceros 3d and some basic preliminary Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino as an introduction to parametric fabrication. A basic knowledge of AutoCAD is preferable, but not necessary. Coding knowledge is not required. - 27 PDH/LU.

Meets Weekly: Tuesday 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Requirement: Students should bring their laptops to class. Recommended software: AutoCAD 2012 and later, Rhinoceros 5.0 and Grasshopper. AutoCAD and Rhinoceros trial version can be downloaded for free within a limited time. Grasshopper plug in can be downloaded for free.

Students MUST enroll 5 business days prior to the course start date, The final day to register is Jan. 23rd, students enrolling after this date will pay a $15 late fee.

Course Code: 4922

Instructor(s): Gabriel Munnich

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