The campus is closed and staff will work remotely at least until the governor announces the reopening of the New York City Region. See the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates page.

IT Resources for Faculty

Installing & Using Teams

As a faculty member at Cooper Union, you have access to Microsoft Teams, which is the recommended application for remote teaching and learning at Cooper Union. 

A Microsoft Team has been created for each class you are currently teaching. We recommend downloading and using the desktop version of Teams; it is also accessible through the web and as a mobile device app (for phones, tablets, etc.) if you need it. 

Here are links to instructions on signing into a meeting in Teams from any device: 

From any Computer 

From Mobile Devices 

We have collected a variety of resources for helping you better understand how to use Teams in the classroom, as well as links to online pedagogy suggestions and faculty forum for discussing online learning issues.

See Organizing your class in Teams with Channels

See the Microsoft Teams for Higher Education videos. Select the 3rd one "Special: Online classes & lectures with all your students" and then Register to watch the recording

There is an online community where you can ask questions and get answers from other educators and MS Teams support.

Teaching Technology / Hardware 

We have purchased additional webcams, headsets and laptops. If you require any hardware (or additional software) to work remotely, please let us know by filling out this webform.


If you need access to software that Cooper normally provides on-site, please fill out this request form as soon as possible

If there are students in your class who will need these resources to complete their coursework, please send them this link and ask them to fill out the form. 

Software that faculty and students can download directly from the software vendor: 

  • Autodesk Sign-up with your Cooper e-mail address. 
  • Matlab Sign-up with your Cooper e-mail address. 
  • Ansys (Click on Ansys Student) [note: Cooper labs have Ansys 2019 installed.  If you want to download and install Ansys 2019R2, please click on “prior versions” and select 2019R2) 
  • Altair Hyperworks 
  • Solidworks Use SDK code 9SDK2019
  • Adobe CC apps (all apps) - please use the request form listed above 
  • Recommendations and Limitations

Recommendations and Limitations

Activating students

Faculty: Don’t forget to “activate” your students!
Until you click “activate” your team is only viewable by you:

Teams Activate Button


  • Please note that the Whiteboard application won’t record
  • We recommend sharing a desktop, not a single window (like a word document).
  • Recordings cannot be prevented but can be deleted later by the faculty member
  • You can not record a 1:1 chat, but you can schedule a meeting for the current time, and invite the participant. That meeting can be recorded
  • In Calendar, you can meet now (alone) and record a video which you can later post to your team.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning is available in Team meetings but not 1:1 chat, but you can use the scheduled meeting workaround above to record or use closed captioning in an ad hoc meeting.

File Sharing 

  • Files in “Class Materials” are read-only to students, but files in the main folder outside of “Class Materials are writable (for collaboration)
  • You don’t have a separate space to share files privately with individual students, but you can create a private channel for each student ( or a group of students ) and maintain private conversations and file sharing just to that student ( or student group ).


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