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Spring 2015 Schedule

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Fall 2014 Schedule

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Highlights of Schedule Changes for Fall 2014

Professor Lee Anne Miller has retired; all of her classes are cancelled for the Fall semester.


Contemporary Art Issues will be offered on Thursday, 9:30 am -12:30 pm (September 4- November 6) in room 215F.  The Instructor is Mitra Abbaspour.  Here is the course description:

The Middle East in Contemporary Art: places, practices, and themes

The Middle East has held a commanding presence in the art world of the 21st Century thus far. Collectors from the region top lists of the art scene’s power players. There is a steady and rising stream of exhibitions dedicated to artists from the region in European and American museums and galleries. Meanwhile, new exhibition spaces and major museums are opening throughout the countries of the region to support established and emerging talent locally and invest in the culture economy as a part of developing national infrastructures. Most importantly, artists rooted in this geography are making some of the most compelling work of our time. Yet, the Middle East remains very little understood, often represented with a singular identity.

Representing many nations spread across Asia and northern Africa, each with a distinct political and cultural history, the Middle East is multi-ethnic, religious, and complexly interconnected place. Rather than focus on themes that treat the region as a cohesive unit, this course will dedicate each meeting to a specific site within the greater Middle East, highlighting the distinctive historical and artistic character of that place, its significant institutions, and leading artists locally as well as in its diaspora. Each class will combine a review of selected art, readings, presentations and seminar discussion. Additionally, class visits to Here and Elsewhere at the New Museum and other key exhibition spaces for art from the region will add to our discussion.

Special emphasis will be placed on developing critical thinking skills via visual, oral, and written analysis. The objective of this course is for each student to learn to express clearly how art represents cultural values, political agendas, and historical conditions. The course will include student presentations, reading responses and a final essay. 


Drawing I, section II, will be taught by James Leary.


Video I, section I (Mc Wreath) has moved to Tuesday, 6-9:50 pm.

Graphic Design:

A third section of Graphic Design I was added on Wednesday morning.  It will be taught by Pablo Medina.

Professional Practice (FA 322A) has been cancelled.


Niki Logis will be taking a leave of absence for the Fall 2014 semester.  Her classes will be taught by Visiting Artist Judith Shea (Wednesday, section I) and Adriana Farmiga (Thursday, section II).

An additional section of Sculpture (FA 392A) has been scheduled on Friday, 10 am – 12:50 pm and will be taught by Cristobal Lehyt

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