Talent Show

Each year, the Talent Show provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to showcase, in front of the entire Cooper community, their incredible, and often incredibly unique, talents. Though the Talent Show is a new tradition, the inaugural show was held in 2010, it has quickly become one of Cooper's most popular and successful events.

The show began five years ago when Dean Baker posted a sign about a talent show. Then freshman, Jake Hughes, saw the sign and decided that he wanted to take responsibility for the planning and execution of this new program. Soon thereafter, many more students got involved and the Talent Show was under the creative control of Cooper students, with Dean Baker serving as a producer. Students advertised for the new event and received an immediate, overwhelmingly positive response. Since that first show in 2010, the Talent Show has grown into an annual Cooper tradition, with students devoting a great deal of time to perfecting their performances. Though participation in the talent show requires strong commitment, the schedule is always packed with performers that recognize the wonderful contribution they are making to the community, and the gratification and stress relief that come from sharing one's talents. This past year, the Talent Show grew to a lineup of 18 performers! So although Jake Hughes and those first student organizers have graduated, the show goes on and continues to be the best entertainment in New York City.

Previous acts have been:

  • CooperNova, 2014 National Champions, dancing to a Justin Timberlake Medley
  • Elliot Curran performing an upright bass solo on Frere Jacques
  • Diana Yun performing Aubakirov’s Talas, Kurmangazy’s Zhima and Toremurat, Turysbekov’s Ak Zhauyn, and a folk piece ,Karasay, on the dombra, a traditional two-string lute from Kazakhstan
  • Jean Lam performing an original piano composition, as well as Beethoven's Pathetique
  • Peter Morfe singing I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  • Professor John Osburn and Laura Real dancing the Tango
  • Gavin Kaplan performing magic
  • President Jamshed Bharucha and Sophie Lee Landau performing a harp and violin Duet
  • Ethan Lusterman performing original voice and guitar pieces
  • Andrew Tallaksen, Chae Jeong, Jenny Jung, Quinee Quintana, and Mindy Wong performing and singing selections from Frozen
  • Ashli Gonzalez and Sam Zhang performing a vocal and piano duet of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball
  • Sophie Lee Landou performing a harp solo
  • Micheal Logan singing I am Changing by Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls
  • Cooper Union Breakdance performing a mix of dancing and acrobatics to a medley of popular songs
  • The Sons of Pitches, an all-male a cappella quartet, singing Micheal Buble’s Greatest Hits
  • Malcolm Dell performing karate
  • Coopertones , an a cappella group, performing Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and a Disney Medley

Thank you to the AV team, President Bharucha, Dean Baker, Cooper Union administrators, Frankie’s, and the Talent Show Committee, composed of Yara Elborolosy and Gavin Kaplan, for making Talent Show possible.

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