Ski Trip

Ski Trip

Dean Baker’s Annual Ski Trip this year will be from Sunday, January 8 to Friday, January 13, 2017.

Dean Baker:

On Monday, November 1976 we put up a sign-up sheet and an 8.5” X 11” piece of paper that said “Cooper Union Ski Trip.” I came into school at 1 PM the next day and 70 students had signed up, despite the fact that the sign-up sheet didn’t mention where we were going, when we were going, how much it would cost, and how many days and nights it would be.  I left that night to Florida for Thanksgiving and spent a lot of time filling in those blanks and putting together some great ideas.

We didn’t have Internet, GPS, the weather channel, or reliable Chamber of Commerce representatives giving accurate ski information. However, after doing my individual research and getting information from great friends in the ski industry, I chose Mont Sutton as the destination for the ski trip. Mont Sutton kept records showing that they received more inches of snow annually than anywhere else in North America. This convinced me that Mont Sutton was the place to go. They also invented “Sous Bois” and skiing in the trees. Additionally, by being in Quebec, the ski trip gave Cooper Union students a chance to speak in another language.

We took 65 Cooper Union students and 7 relatives and friends on that first 6-day ski trip. By 1984 we had 5 buses with 265 people going.  We have taken almost 7,000 people skiing and snowboarding over the 40 years of this trip.

We take a trip into Montreal for a night of cultural, academic, social, and athletic entertainment. We introduce the students to curling and Canadian Snow Dodge Ball. Also, we have a Gamache for the freshman on the trip. We play varsity basketball games in Sherbrook and Montreal.

We have 3 dinners and parties including a gigantic pig roast. Everybody learns how to ski and snowboard and we stay in spacious, luxurious chalets just walking distance from the ski slopes. We have people from all over the world going on this international trip.

Our students and scholar-athletes play a major role in preparing for planning and promoting this great trip. I run into people every year who tell me that they still ski and that they’re teaching their kids and grand kids how to ski. The Dean Baker Ski School carries on.

We’ll have our 1st ski trip meeting on Thursday night September 22, 2016 at 5 PM on the roof of the NAB.

Remember you’ll need updated passports and please remember to ask the upperclassmen how they have enjoyed this great trip. You can bring friends and relatives; and you’ll learn how to ski and snow board. Thanks and C.U. Later and Ski U Later. 

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