Classes will begin on time and administrative offices will open on time on Thursday, March 5. We will continue to monitor the weather and its potential impact on the safety of our faculty, staff and students and will update the community as needed. Please use your best judgment, based on your own circumstances, in deciding whether you can travel safely to campus.

Parents of Alumni

Ada Albright
Felocelia Alcid and Greg Alcid
Florence Alestra and Joseph Alestra
Jacqueline Allen and Joe Allen
Gay Anderson and Cornell Anderson
Madeleine Anderson
Patricia Anderson and Kenneth Anderson
Sally Anderson and Fredric Winkowski
Shirley Anger '46
Elaine Antaki and Joseph Antaki
Lenore Argen and Robert Argen
Rona Armillas
Lucrecia Atienza and Armando Atienza, Sr.
Bridget Atkinson and Thomas Atkinson I
Jacqueline Auerbach
Hilda Auffermann and F. William Auffermann
Jeanette Austin
Nancy Austin
Elenita Baccay and Antonio Baccay
Vera Baden and Gerald Baden
Janki Badoolah and Haniff Badoolah
Flabia Baez
Andrea Baggott and Edward Baggott
Pamela Baldisserotto and Robert Baldisserotto
Patricia Bambino and Robert Bambino
Linda Barboni and Joseph Barboni
Audrey Barclay and Jonathan Bull
Arthur Bardenhagen
Aileen Barkaus
Jean Barkovitz and Robert Barkovitz
Paul Barnard
Dorothy Barton
Gisela Bauer
Walter Beattie '63
Linda Bekman and Kenneth Bekman
Jo-Ann Benini and Ezio Benini
Madhu Beniwal and Prem Beniwal
Beverly Benson and Gregory Benson
Susan Berman Drews '80
Susan Bernstein and Jonathan Bernstein
Kathleen Bishop and James Bishop
Lotte Blaustein '48
Gertrude Boehm
Amy Bogin and Mark Bogin
Toby Bogorff and Robert Bogorff
Anne Bond and George Bond
Fatu Boyd and James Boyd
Gloria Brady and Patrick Brady
Sonia Briskman and Norman Briskman '50
Ida Bronfman and Michael Bronfman
Phyllis Buchalter and Barry Buchalter
Susan Buchanan and Donald Buchanan, Jr.
Anne Cafiero and Thomas Cafiero
Lorraine Camurati and Carl Camurati
Lucille Canfield and James Canfield
Wilma Cardwell and Richard Cardwell
Victoria Vaughan Carra
Wen-Yu Chen and Shen-San Chen
York Cheng and Kin Cheng
Ellisa Chesir and Seymour Chesir
Anita Cheung and Tak Cheung
Fung Chin and Yu Yuen Chin
Po C. Chin and Joe Chin
Francine Chittenden and Eric Chittenden
Jen-Jen Cho and Mingguo Cho
Kwangho Choi and Bocknam Choi
Alice Chou and Tom Chou
Chien Chou and Ta-Wei Chou
Tina Chou and Chin-Fa Cheng
Myung Chun and In Hwan Chun
Mayling Chung and Hoi Chung '77
Siu Chung and Ching Chung
Elaine Cimis and George Cimis
Mary Circosta and Anthony Circosta
Christina Clamp and Donald Gianniny
Susan Clapham and Timothy Clapham
Jayne Coleman and Thomas Coleman
Ellen Collins and Paul Collins
Marilyn Collins and Edwin Collins
Claire Coluccio and John Coluccio
Marcella Comny and Thomas Conmy
Leticia Cortes and Dionisio Cortes
Patricia Cost and Frank Cost
Florence Cronin and Daniel Cronin, Jr.
Joyce Crupi and Mario Crupi
Esther Crystal and Neal Crystal
Richard Cummings '48
Rosa D'Abate and Daniel Attard
Joanne Danaher-Shea and James Shea
Norma Davis and Malcolm Davis, Sr.
Ronald De Vito '60
Dora deDiaz and Humberto Diaz
Christine Degen '68 and Bruce Degen '66
Helen Del Bove
Eleanore DeLeo and Carmelo DeLeo
Roberta Dening and Deke Dening
Elizabeth Derderian and Mark Derderian
Fal DeSaint-Phalle
Kathryn Deshpande and Jon Katze
Doris Deutsch and David Deutsch
Eve Deutsch and Lewis Deutsch
Kathleen DeVita and Paul DeVita II
Linda DeWilde and Carl DeWilde
Anne-Marie Diamond and Paul Diamond
Adalgisa Diana
Kim Diebboll and Robert Diebboll
Kathleen Dies and Harding Dies
Annette Diskin
Nitza Dominitz and Gideon Dominitz
Cathy Donnellan and Rafael Tovar, Jr.
Shirley Douglis '48
Timothy Driscoll '56
Nina Drooker '57 and Harold Drooker
Stella Dudek
Anne Duffy and John Duffy
Janie Emerson and George Emerson
Don Engelberg
Lisa Englard '81 and Marc Englard
Henry Epstein
Phyllis Erickson and Roger Erickson
Joan Ettore and Nicholas Ettore
Corinne Falco and Gennaro Falco
Shui Fan and Chor Fan
Chiaping Fan and Frank Fan
Maria Fanning and Richard Fanning
Patricia Fasciano and Nicholas Fasciano '60
Judith Fast '66 and Dan Fast '70
Debra Feinstein *
George Feinstein '58
Susan Ferara and William Ferara
Marilem Ferentinos
Harriet Finck and Michael Finck
Kathleen Finneran and William Finneran
Nancy Fischer '54 and George Fischer '54
Bonnie Foster and William Foster
Karen Foster and John Foster
Shirley Fox and Bernard Fox
Amy Frank and Timothy Frank
Susan Fuhrman and Michael Fuhrman '78
Sharon Fuller
Judith Ganchrow and Donald Ganchrow
Sunita Garg and Sandeep Garg
Renuka Garla and Prabhakar Garla
June Garrison and James Garrison
Lyle Gerbracht and William Gerbracht '69
Susan Gibbons and John Gibbons
Susan Gillespie and John Gillespie
Kethrine Gillies-Hinds
Gloria Gillman and Jerome Gillman
Charles Gilvarg '48
Sandy Ginsberg and Jeffrey Ginsberg
Elizabeth Giordano and H. Peter Giordano
Ursula Godsen and Robert Godsen
Donna Gordon and Jim Gordon
Helen Gore and William Gore
Michael Greer
Nonya Grenader and Jonathan Grenader
Anna Grinberg
Herbert Gross
Marilyn Grubstein
Virginia Gunther and Thomas Gunther
Rosalind Ha and Cajus Lee
Sylvia Halbfinger and Abraham Halbfinger
Margaret Hall and Algernon Hall
Ellen Hamilton and Peter Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton and John Hamilton
Patrick Hanley
Susan Hansen and Robert Hansen
Ksenia Hapij and Ihor Hapij
Monta Harrington and Terence McKenna '73
Scott Harrington
Alice Helgeson and Harold Helgeson
Ingrid Herskovics and Michael Herskovics
Anita Hilewitz
Yehuda Hilewitz *
Shirley Hilliard
Grace Hintz and Bernard Hintz
Barbara Hogg and George Hogg
Eve Hollander and Irwin Hollander
Manuela Horowitz and Norman Horowitz
Ellen Hsiao '63 and Iwen Hsiao
Rose Hsiung and David Gee
Linda Huber and Norbert Huber
Anita Huddy and Martin Huddy
Li Ping Hung and Kent Hung
Marguerite Hyers and John Hyers
Nestor Ibanez
Rebecca Ignacio and Honorio Ignacio
Doreen Ihara and Michio Ihara
Susan Ikeler and Dan Ikeler
Anthony Ingargiola
Sheila Isgro and Gary Isgro
Wen-Jye Jha and Shing-Whu Jha
Porfiria Jimenez
Lambert Joel *
Ruth Joel
Margit Johansson
James Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
S. Bud Johnson
Suvarnalata Joshi and Anand Joshi
Miriam Kalman and Israel Kalman
Gail Karlsson and Edward Oldfield
Susan Kean
Marie Kearns and William Kearns
Susan Kearon and Edward Kearon
Carleton Kelch
Kate Kelley and Gary Baker
Frances Kent and Richard Kent
June Kerman '48
Max Kerman '50 *
Helen Kerr and John Kerr
Marcia Kessel and Jack Kessel
Gail Kessler and Daniel Kessler
Irina Khapalov and Alexandre Khapalov
Jeanette Khorenian and Haig Khorenian
Tamsen Kiehnhoff and Thomas Kiehnhoff
Cecily Kihn and Michael Kihn
Mee Kim and Yoon C. Choi
Jane Kimmel and Paul Kimmel
Dina Kinariwala and Mukesh Kinariwala
Deborah Kirkman and W. Worth Kirkman
Lata Kirpalani and Lakshman Kirpalani
Linda Klein and Bernard Horn
Milton Klein, P.E. '42 *
Roderick Knox '75
Jung Ja Ko and In Sun Ko
Martha Koenig and Richard Koenig
Sue Kohler
Jolanta Kolodziejczak
Sharon Kopmann and Richard Kopmann
Patricia Krekelberg and Chuck Krekelberg
Phyllis Krochmal and Frederick Krochmal
Epp Ojamaa Kuhn and Gary Kuhn
Cornelia Kung and Hans Kung
Janet Kusmierski and Greg Singer
Elke Kwartler and Michael Kwartler '65
Catherine Lam and Daniel Lam
Rosary Lam and Wai Lam
Danna Lampell and Lloyd Lampell
Valerie Lamprecht and Roland Lamprecht
Patricia Lapointe and John Lapointe
Roxanna LaPorta and Edward LaPorta
Nancy Lau and  Wai-Tat Lau
Sau Lau and Nathan Chan
Claire Laufman and Charles Laufman
Yee Law and Wai Yung
Jan Leary and John Leary, Jr.
Carolyn Lee and Arthur Lee
Helen Lee
Helen Lee and Chung Lee
Jackie Lee and Tom Lee
John Lee *
Miu Lee and You Lee
Mary LeMay
Ruth Lerner and Philip Lerner
Stanislawa Lesniewski and Stanislaw Lesniewski
Harris Levee '43
Judy Levy and Richard Levy
Lorraine Levy and Laurence Levy
Huazhen Li and Jianhua Li
Yuet Liang
Ling-Li Liaw and Guang-Liang Liaw
Jerome Liebling
Patricia Lloyd and George Lloyd
Sing Lo and Mang Lo
Sylvia Lo and Kim Lo
Yeedeh Loh and Jimbay Loh
Susan Lopez and Cesar Lopez
Paula Loring and Edward Fasanella
Editha Lorinos and Arnel Lorinos
Jacklyn Louie and David Louie
Janet Luke and Richard Luke
Susan Lupo and John Lupo
Mary Lutz and Peter Kinoy
Christine Machtay and Richard Machtay
Susan MacQueen and Ewan MacQueen
Siglinde Maksymuk and Peter Maksymuk III
Margaret Manchisi and James Manchisi '79
Ruth Mandelbaum and Joel Mandelbaum
Belle Manes '50 and Myron Manes '49
Rosabella Mangonon and Virgilio Mangonon
Angela Maragos and George Maragos
Stephanie Marangoudakis and Charlie Marangoudakis
Hildegard Martinkat
Patricia Mascioli and Guy Mascioli
Felicidad Maulion and George Maulion
Mary Mautner
Vivian Mayer and Danny Deutsch
Ella Mayslich and Alexander Mayslich
Joan Mc Master and Thomas Mc Master
Martha McDowell and Philip McDowell
Teresa McGarvey
Deborah McLaughlin and Phillip McLaughlin
Hariett McNeal
Anne McNeill
Toby Messrie and Isis Messrie
William Mikesell
Arlene Miller and Bruce Miller
Therese Miller and Donald Miller
Linda Milligan and John Milligan
Lorraine Miracolo
Linda Mircik and Paul Mircik
Maria Mitchell and Robert Mitchell
Erika Mocsary-Weisz
Linda Montero and Joseph Montero
Olga Mora
Maude Morse and William Morse
Lorraine Moseley-Epstein '48 and David Epstein '48
Anne Mullaney
Joseph Mullaney *
Maria Munoz and Ricardo Munoz
Raisa Nagornaya
Liz Nahmias and Clement Nahmias
Renu Nangia *
Vijay Nangia
Joy Nedelka and James Nedelka
Diana Negrin
Channa Newman
Ai-Ling Ng and King Ng
Mary Ng and Henry Ng
Shook Ng and Howard Ng '77
Carolyn Nippert and Charles Nippert, Jr.
Teri Ann Nummey and David Nummey, Jr.
Arline Oberman '48 and Marvin Oberman '49
Jill O'Brien and John O'Brien
Helen O'Dwyer and Thomas O'Dwyer
Yoshiko Ohtsu and Masakazu Ohtsu
Regina O'Kane and Brian O'Kane
Jumoke Omojola and Matthew Omojola, MB, FRCPC
Vickie Ostrow and Steven Ostrow
Ellie Pancoe and Michael Pancoe, M.D.
Grace Paquiz and Samson Paquiz
Won-Ok Park and Sang Park
Dawn Parker and Anthony Parker
Francesco Pellizzi
Darlene Persak and Steven Persak
Donna Petralia and Martin Petralia
Evgenia Pevzner and Mark Pevzner
Helen Philbin and Patrick Philbin
Gisela Philipp and Manfred Philipp
Jocelyne Pierre and Yves Pierre
Consolacion Pimentel and Mariano Pimentel, Jr.
Robert Ploss '48
Elizabeth Poe and Larry Oakes
Veronica Popoiu and Ioan Popoiu
Joan Porthun and William Porthun
Upshur Puckette
Jelena Radeka and Veljko Radeka
Ricky Rand '65
Donna Rea and John Rea
Jean Reed and Benjamin Reed
Marie Reed and Milton Reed, Jr.
Esther Rein and Harvey Rein
Marcia Reiss and Charles Reiss '65
James Revoir
Susan Richter and Howard Richter
Nancy Riegel and William Riegel
Tehilla Rieser and Henry Rieser
Elizabeth Rittenbach and Thomas Rittenbach
Priscilla Rivera and Norberto Rivera
Mary Roach and William Roach
Melinda Roberts and Alan McMichael
Kathleen Robinson and Ernest Battifarano
Oleg Rodzianko '58
Janet Rohde and John Rohde
Ourania Romanos and Christos Romanos
Rhoda Roper '52 and Robert Roper
Marybeth Rosebrough and Dennis Rosebrough
Harriet Ross
Veronica Rowe and Jon Rowe
Laureen Rueckner and Wolfgang Rueckner
Lee Runes
Amelia Sadowski and Henry Sadowski '52
Michal Safdie and Moshe Safdie
Merilyn Salomon and Lawrence Salomon
Ella Sanchez and Joseph Sanchez
Marsha Sanders and Gathfeny Sanders
Joan Sandler and Ivan Sandler '63
Lucille Sapienza-Feder and Donald Feder
Soledad Sarreal-Marcelino
Carole Schauer
Leroy Schauer *
Deanne Schlanger and Marc Edwards
Peggy Schoen and David Schoen, LCSW, MSSW
Deborah Schulte and Mark Schulte
Seymour Schwartz '47
Irina Schwartzburg and Henry Schwartzburg
Alan Schwartzman
Helen Scinto and John Scinto
Ann Scire and James Scire, Sr.
Andrea Seavitt and John Seavitt
Teresa Serata and Charles Kagay
Ruth Serels and M. Mitchel Serels
Stanley Seroka '53
Richard Shaw '70
Vivian Shelley and Tully Shelley III
Marta Shevchuk and George Shevchuk '71
Kazuko Shimizu and Nobumichi Shimizu
In Hye Shin and Wan Shin
David Shlakman
Victoria Shulman and Pavel Shulman
Howard Silfin, P.E. '49 *
Irene Silfin
Alice Silver and Richard Silver
Sara Simpson and Kennedy Simpson
Nancy Sipple and Geoffrey Sipple
Marjorie Slavin
Benjamin So
Ana Soto and Robert Soto
Shirley Srolovitz and Harvey Srolovitz
Ladislav Stehlik
Melissa Steinberg and Norman Steinberg
Lila Sternglass '54
Caryl Strand and Howard Strand
Betty Swain
Marie Sweeney and Neal Sweeney
Diane Tagliaferro
Kalpana Tare and Suhas Tare
Barbara Tate and James Tate
Susan Thomas and Sunny Thomas
Lih-Hwa Ting
Dulce Tirados
Dorrit Title '56
Eileen To and Philip To
Amy Trimarco and Richard Trimarco
Carol Tschudi
Herbert Tschudi *
Margaret Tsui and Wai-Hon Tsui
Margaret Tu and Edward Tu
Patty Tucker and Eugene Tucker
Allan Turits
Patricia Vaillancourt
Evelyn Vargas and Adolfo Vargas
Susan Varghese and Pulivelil Varghese
Romola Ventura and August Ventura
Rochelle Verstaendig and Joel Verstaendig
Linda Viola and James Viola
Peggy Vogelson and Andrew Vogelson
Josephine Walker-Halsted and W. Douglas Halsted III
Poling Wang and Patrick Wang
Shu-Hsia Wang and Paul Wang
Daniel Watt '60
Deborah Weibley and Steven Weibley
Erwin Weinberg
Ruth Weinberg and Irwin Weinberg
Karen Wertheimer and Ronald Wertheimer
Karhn White and Stephen White
Susan Whitin
Jeanne Wildgrube and Paul Wildgrube
Joan Williams
Janice Windwer and Steven Windwer
Myrtle Winograd
Judith Winston
Gail Wishnow
Florence Wojciechowski
Felicia Wong and Washington Wong
Chiu-Kun Woo
Jeremy Wood
Linda Wood and Robert Wood
Norma Worden and Robert Worden
Connie Wu and Epon Wu
Yu   Xie and John Ye
Oksana Yaremko and Nicholas Yaremko '78
Rosalyn Yarmush
Marina Yelagina and Yevgeny Arye
Alexandra Yessios and Christos Yessios
Patti Young and Daniel Young
Nancy Yuen and Clarence Yuen
Olenka Yurchuk and Irenaeus Yurchuk '67
Margaret Zaborskis and John Zaborskis, Sr.
Diana Zaferiou and Stratis Zaferiou
Mary Zazzera
Bao Zhen Zhao and Tien Yu Zhao
Weitang Zhou and Jinqin Zhou
Catherine Zimmerman and Thomas Zimmerman
Bernard Zivotofsky '57
Shirley Zules '48
Ronni Zusman and Richard Zusman

  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.