Spring 2012 Engineering Schedule

Course No.InstructorTimeRoom
ChE 121R. StockM1-3427
ChE 121R. StockTH11-12427
ChE 141D. LepekT2-4427
ChE 141D. LepekTh9-11427/806
ChE 151B. DavisT4-5502
ChE 151B. DavisW10-12427
ChE 161.2AC. OkoraforM12-2104
ChE 161.2AC. OkoraforT9-11104
ChE 161.2BB. DavisM12-2105
ChE 161.2BB. DavisT9-11105
ChE 162.2AD. LepekTh12-4304
ChE 162.2BR. StockW12-4304
ChE 430I. BrazinskyM3-5427
ChE 430I. BrazinskyW5-6427
ChE 441D. LepekW9-12104
ChE 447B. DavisW4-5427
ChE 447B. DavisTh10-12106
ChE 460C. OkoraforW12-3106
Ch 111 AWienerT2-3105
Ch 111 BTopperF9-12305/404
Ch 111 D1BastosW2-5305/404
Ch 111 D2NewmarkT9-12305/404
Ch 111 E1BastosM1-4305/404
Ch 111 E2WienerF1-4305/404
Ch 160 AR. TopperM9-11105
Ch 160 AR. TopperTh9-11105
Ch 160 BR. SavizkyM1-3505
Ch 160 BR. SavizkyW1-3506
Ch 160 DSharafaddinM6-8504
Ch 160 DSharafaddinW6-8504
Ch 232J. BovéW1-3505
Ch 233 AR. SavizkyF12-4305/403
Ch 233 BK. KolackM2-6305/403
Ch 233 CK. KolackTh12-4305/403
Ch 233 DChungT2-6305/403
Ch 262A. NewmarkW12-2503
Ch 440R. SavizkyM10-12106
Ch 440R. SavizkyF10-11106
CE 120ViolaT5-8505
CE 122C. TzavelisM2-5504
CE 122C. TzavelisM2-5504
CE 131AV. GuidoTh1-4LL222/504
CE 131BK. NgT2-5LL222/802-803
CE 131LV. GuidoM11-1504
CE 131LV. GuidoTh11-12504
CE 142J. CataldoT10-12504
CE 142J. CataldoW10-11504
CE 142J. CataldoW11-2LL223/504
CE 341SmilowitzM6-9505
CE 361AC. YapijakisW2-5504
CE 361BC. TzavelisW2-5504
CE 364AJ. CataldoT2-5504
CE 364BV. GuidoT2-5504
CE 364CC. TzavelisT2-5504
CE 426ShmerkowskyW6-9427
CE 434ChangTh6-9427
CE 440C. YapijakisT5-8502
CE 441C. YapijakisM5-8LL101
ESC 000.2R. StockM12-1ROSE/502
ESC 000.4R. StockW11-12ROSE/502
ESC 101CHapijTh6-9504
ESC 101MWoottonT10-12427
ESC 101MWoottonM3-4104
ESC 110.1C. OkoraforT11-12503
ESC 110.1C. OkoraforT2-4503
ESC120/121CS. ShinnersF10-11,F12-2101, 504
ESC 130.1I. BrazinskyM10-12427
ESC 130.1I. BrazinskyW12-1427
ESC 161M. BaglioneT3-5506
ESC 161M. BaglioneTh1-2506
ECE 103S. KeeneW12-1104
ECE 103S. KeeneF11-1105
ECE 110AF. FontaineT8-9802-803
ECE 110BK. TienW5-6802
ECE 110CHongW6-7802
ECE 111LF. FontaineT9-11505
ECE 111A/BF. FontaineF8-9/9-10502/502
ECE 141AH. AhmadM3-5502
ECE 141AH. AhmadTh3-4502
ECE 141BH. AhmadT2-4502
ECE 141BH. AhmadTh4-5502
ECE 135TBAM3-5503
ECE 135TBATh12-2503
ECE 150AY. RisbudTh6-9502
ECE 150BKupfersteinW6-9104
ECE 151AA. BerenbaumM6-9104
ECE 151BS. KirtmanW12-3105
ECE 161S. KirtmanW3-6502
ECE 164C. SableTh1-3101
ECE 194AH. AhmadM10-2605
ECE 194BS. KirtmanT2-6605
ECE 196AC. SableT2-5201
ECE 196BTBAT2-5801
ECE 196CT. CumberbatchT2-5106
ECE 302S. KeeneW1-2502
ECE 302S. KeeneF2-4502
ECE 314T. HoerningM5-8503
ECE 341T. CumberbatchW10-12106
ECE 341T. CumberbatchTh11-12101
ECE 357J. HaknerT6-9105
ECE 361C. SableW2-4101
ECE 361C. SableTh4-5101
ECE 405HausmanW6-9105
ECE 408S. KeeneW4-6106
ECE 408S. KeeneTh2-3502
ECE/MA 415F. Fontaine & O. AgrawalT11-12502
ECE/MA 415F. Fontaine & O. AgrawalTh9-11502
ECE 421S. ShinnersM11-2503
ECE 434N. TandonT6-9104
ECE 460R. MaranoM3-6LL210
ECE 469C. SableW11-12503
ECE 469C. SableTh6-8503
EID 103E. LimaT2-4505
EID 103E. LimaF2-3505
EID 110K. PanchykW11-2806
EID 124D. WoottonM12-2506
EID 124D. WoottonTh12-1506
EID 125K. OrishimoW6-9502
EID/CE 142J. CataldoT10-12504
EID/CE 142J. CataldoW10-11504
EID/CE 142J. CataldoW11-2LL223/504
EID 170BarrettT2-5104
EID 325OrbachTh6-9105
EID 357T. CumberbatchW1-2104
EID 357T. CumberbatchTh1-3106
EID 370R. BarrettT6-9506
EID 376T. SynnottM12-2106
EID 376T. SynnottTh12-1106
Bio 101D. OrbachT6-9427
ME 101M. BaglioneM2-4506
ME 101M. BaglioneTh10-11104
ME 130G.DelagrammatikasT10-12LL101
ME 130G.DelagrammatikasTh11-12LL101
ME 131SidebothamM2-5105
ME 142SidebothamM11-12802
ME 142SidebothamW10-12105
ME/EID 105R. DellTh6-9104
ME/EID 153B. CusackW9-10105
ME/EID 153B. CusackTh9-11505
ME 155AE. LimaTh3-5503
ME 155AE. LimaF10-11503
ME 155BE. LimaTh10-12503
ME 155BE. LimaF12-1503
ME 160AG.Delagrammatikas, ConsiglioT2-5LL210
ME 160BSidebotham, ConsiglioW2-5LL210
ME 160A/BG.Delagrammatikas, Consiglio, SidebothTh1-2505
ME 164Wootton, Wei, Delagrammatikas, BaglioneTh2-5505
ME 300KuttW10-1505
ME 320ReillyT6-9503
ME 407BondiM6-9101/802
ME 432D. SpeyerW6-9503
ME/EID 458S. WeiW2-5503
MA 113AR. SmythM3-5505
MA 113AR. SmythTh11-1505
MA 113AR. SmythF11-12505
MA 113BE. SchweitzerM3-5LL101
MA 113BE. SchweitzerF2-5LL101
MA 113EL. VulakhM9-11504
MA 113EL. VulakhW9-11506
MA 113EL. VulakhF11-12504
MA 151P. BailynW6-9505
MA 223C1SrubschikT9-11101
MA 223C1SrubschikF11-12101
MA 223C2SimonT11-12101
MA 223C2SimonTh9-11101
MA 224 ESrubschikT11-12105
MA 224 ESrubschikF12-2104
MA 224 MP. BailynT2-3506
MA 224 MP. BailynF1-3506
MA 240 CSimonW12-2101
MA 240 CSimonTh1-2104
MA 240 KMintchevT9-11506
MA 240 KMintchevM12-1427
MA 240 SMintchevTh11-1502
MA 240 SMintchevT4-5503
MA 345R. SmythM1-3502
MA 345R. SmythF1-2427
MA 326MintchevM9-10104
MA 326MintchevTh9-11504
MA 351O. AgrawalM8-10503
MA 351O. AgrawalT8-9, F1-2502
MA 352L. VulakhM12-1505
MA 352L. VulakhF9-11504
MA/ECE 415F. Fontaine & O. AgrawalT11-12,Th9-11502
MA 417O. AgrawalF11-1305
Ph 112 LA. WolfM11-12Rose AUD
Ph 112 LA. WolfTh2-3Rose AUD
Ph 112 LA. WolfTh3-4 X-TRARose AUD
Ph 112 LA. WolfF12-1Rose AUD
Ph 112 A Th6-8101
Ph 112 B T6-8101
Ph 112 C Th10-12506
Ph 112 D W9-11101
Ph 112 E T4-6101
PH 166TBAT11-12104
PH 166TBATh11-1104
PH 214 LR. UglesichM1-2RoseAUD
PH 214 LR. UglesichW3-4X-TRARoseAUD
PH 214 LR. UglesichW4-5RoseAUD
PH 214 LR. UglesichF11-12RoseAUD
PH 214 KR. UglesichW10-12503
PH 214 C Th12-1105
PH 214 E Th11-12105
PH 214 M M11-12502
PH 214 S M10-11502
PH/EID 331R. UglesichM5-7106
PH/EID 331R. UglesichF2-5609
PH 328M. CuellarTh3-5LL210
PH 328M. CuellarF3-5503
PH 360A. WolfTh6-9301


  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.