Fall 2012 Engineering Schedule

Course No.InstructorTimeRoom
ESC140KI. BrazinskyT2-4, W11-12427
ChE 131I. BrazinskyT11-12, W1-3427
ChE 142B. DavisT2-4, W11-12503
ChE 421B. DavisW4-5, Th12-2106, LL210
ChE 162.1AD. LepekTh12-4304
ChE 445D. LepekT11-12, Th9-11LL210
ChE 152C. OkoraforM11-1, W9-11104
ChE 490C. OkoraforW12-3LL210
ESC 170C. OkoraforM1-3, W3-4104
ChE 162.1BR. StockW12-4304
ChE 161.1R. StockM1-3, Th11-12427
ESC 000.1R. StockM12-1Rose/427
ESC 000.2R. StockTh2-3Rose/101
CE 342J. AhmadTh2-5503
CE 363AJ. AhmadT2-5504
CE 363BJ. CataldoT2-5504
ESC 140CJ. CataldoT10-12, W10-11504
CE 447J. CataldoT9-10, W11-1504, 106
CE 331V. GuidoM11-1, Th11-12503
CE432V. GuidoM2-4, Th1-2503
CE 363CV. GuidoT2-5504
CE 121C. TzavelisW12-1, Th3-5, W2-5504, 504, LL220
EID 101BC. TzavelisT11-12, Th12-2Rose/104
CE 141C. YapijakisM5-7, Th2-3, T2-5504, 504, LL201/104
CE414C. YapijakisTh6-9106
CE 351LennonW6-9503
ESC 100CHapijT6-9504
ESC 110CLimaT2-4, F2-3505, 505
CE/EID 425SmilowitzM6-9503
ECE 121BH. AhmadM1-3, Th2-3LL210, 105
ECE 140H. AhmadT2-4, Th4-5502, 503
ECE 425H. AhmadM10-12, Th1-2LL210, 105
ECE 142AT. CumberbatchW10-12, Th3-4502, 105
ECE 142BT. CumberbatchW2-4, Th4-5502, 105
ECE 195AT. CumberbatchT2-6106
EID 101AT. CumberbatchT11-12, Th12-2Rose/101, Rose 101
EID 101ES. KirtmanT11-12, Th12-2Rose/305, Rose/106
ECE 101LF. FontaineT10-12505
ECE 101AF. FontaineF8-9503
ECE 101BF. FontaineF9-10503
ECE 416F. FontaineT-9-10, Th9-11LL210, 106
ECE 114AS. KeeneM3-5, T5-6104, 104
ECE 114BS. KeeneT6-8, W4-5104
ECE 414S. KeeneT11-12, W2-4105, 106
ECE 161S. KirtmanW12-3104
ECE 193 A/BS. KirtmanT2-5 (alternating wks)604
ECE 165C. SableW12-2101
ECE 195BC. SableT2-6201
ECE 464C. SableW4-6, Th11-12101, LL210
ECE 466J. HaknerTh6-9105
ECE 431HausmanW6-9105
ECE 313T. HoerningT6-9106
EID 424KremenicM5-8LL101
EID 365R. MaranoM3-6101
ECE 150Y. RisbudTh6-9104
ECE 121AS. ShinnersM11-2502
ECE 132S. ShinnersF11-2502
ESC 120/121KUngarM9-11, Th11-12504, 505
CS 102A/CLentM5-6, T5-6506, 505
CS 102A/CB. CusackTh9-10503
CS 102B/DHopkinsW4-6506
CS 102B/DB. CusackF9-10505
CS 102ES. CusackW6-8506
CS 102EB. CusackW9-10504
ME 151LBaglioneT2-5506
ME 151L A F10-11709
ME 151L B F11-12709
ME 151L C F1-2709
ME 151L D F2-3709
 E. Lima  
EID 101CDelagramT11-12, Th12-2Rose/503, Rose/427
ESC 110ME. LimaW2-4, F1-2506
ESC 130MSidebothamM10-12, W10-11506
ME 140SidebothamM3-4, W12-2427, 503
ESC 100MSidebothamT4-6, Th11-12427, 502
EID 101DD. WoottonT11-12, Th12-2Rose/106, Rose/502
ESC 140MD. WoottonW1-3, F12-1504
ME/EID 440D. WoottonW12-1, F10-12427, 106
ME 312S. WeiW2-5505
ME 363BambinoW6-9106
EID 170R. BarrettT2-5105
EID 370R. BarrettT6-9105
ESC 110CLimaT2-4, F2-3505
ME 408BondiM6-9505/802
ME/EID 105R. DellTh6-9427
ME 100KuttTh11-2504
ME 141KuttM11-2505
ME 412MarW6-9104
BIO 102D. OrbachTh6-9101
EID 320D. OrbachM5-8104
EID 120OrishimoW6-9502
ME 120ReillyT6-9427
EID 374T. SynnottT4-6, Th12-1503, 803
ME 415YuTh6-9502
ESC 130CGutierrezM1-3, W1-2101, 502
CH 110ABastosT6-8, Th6-8505
CH 110BSharafeddinM6-8, W6-8101
CH 110DIsseroffM4-6, W2-4105, 101
CH 110ESavizkyW12-2, F10-12105, 104
CH 111 C1BastosTh2-51st Hr 801, 404
CH 111 C2WienerF1-41st Hr 106, 404
CH 160 C1NewmarkM1-3, W12-2506
CH 160 C2TopperT2-4, F9-11101
CH 231SavizkyTh11-1, F1-2105
CH 251ANewmarkF12-41st hr 106, 407
CH 251BSavizkyM1-51st hr 105, 407
CH 251CKolackTh12-41st HR201, 407
CH 261TopperT9-11, F11-12105
CH 333BoveW 12-1801
MA 110AE. SchweitzerM3-5506
MA 110CMintchevM3-5505
MA 110BR. SmythM3-5502
MA 110DBailynF1-3503
MA 110EE. SchweitzerW4-6504
MA 111AP. BailynT4-5, W2-4, F10-12505, 105, 505
MA 111BMintchevW9-11, T5-6, Th9-11503, 504, 504
MA 111DL. VulakhM1-3, W12-2, F10-11504, 505, 504
MA 111ESmythM1-2, Th2-4, F12-2503, 502, 104
MA113CL. VulakhM9-10, W9-11, F11-1101, 427, 427
MA223 K/EAgrawalT11-12, F9-11506, 506
MA 223C/MSimonT11-12, Th12-2502, 505
MA 224CSrubshchikT9-11, F12-1506
MA 224KR. SmythTh6-7, F3-5506, 502
MA 224.1O. AgrawalM9-11, Th11-12104
MA 240ESimonT4-6, Th11-12101
MA 240MBailynT9-11, W12-1503, 502
MA 326MintchevM9-11, T9-10505
PH 213LWolfM3-5, W11-12, F11-12Rose Aud
PH 213KYesilevskiyT6-8101
PH 213CChavesM9-11502
PH 213EAkkermanM12-2LL101
PH 213SMarienkoF9-11502
PH 213MAkkermanW4-6502
PH 291LDebroyTh3-4Rose Aud
PH 291KDebroyW4-6301
PH 291CTevlinW12-2301
PH 291EDebroyTh12-2301
PH 291MChavesT2-4301
PH 291STevlinM12-2301
PH/EID 215TBATh6-9301
PH/EID 330TenneyW4-5, F2-4105, 504


  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.