Asphalt Rolling Thin Film Oven Asphalt Gyratory Compactor
Asphalt Rolling Thin Film Oven

SUPERPAVE is the acronym for Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements. SUPERPAVE was developed under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and uses performance based testing for classification of the asphalt binder and mix design. The SUPERPAVE Asphalt Technology laboratory can perform the following binder tests to achieve a PG (Performance Grade) rating: Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point, rotational viscometer, dynamic shear rheometer, rolling thin film oven, pressure aging vessel, bending beam rheometer, and direct tensile tester. In addition, a volumetric mix design can be performed using a gyratory compactor. This will achieve mix designs for over 30 million 80 kN ESALs (equivalent single axle loads).

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