Film, Video & Animation

Screening room and chroma-key studio

Screening room and chroma-key studio

The film area provides Super 8 and 16mm cameras, supported by solid-state digital audio recorders, microphones, lighting kits, tripods and other production equipment. The editing facility includes Super 8 and 16mm telecine (film to tape) transfer machines, Bolex and DSLR animation stands, a 16mm rotoscope system and a JK optical printer. Students can edit on film using Steenbeck flatbed editors and Super 8 viewers, or use Final Cut Studio to cut their projects on digital video. The sound room is equipped with a ProTools HD digital audio workstation with surround mixing capabilities and a vocal isolation booth. ProTools LE Mbox systems are also available. The projection booth is equipped for 16mm and Super 8 and offers flexible signal-routing with ties to the main classroom/ screening room, which doubles as a theater for large-screen projection of film and video.

The video area provides Mini-DV, AVCHD & HDV camcorders, as well as 3CCD 24p SD and HD camcorders, HDSLRs and a large sensor HD Camcorder. Accessories include microphones, lighting kits, tripods and other production equipment. The video editing facility has eight workstations with Final Cut Studio, Adobe  After Effects and Photoshop, Pro Tools LE and other audio and video software. Additional outboard equipment includes various analog audio and video decks, mixers and special effects devices. Other equipment (monitors, speakers, projectors, VCRs and DVD and media players) is also available for multi-media installations. The video lab is networked and equipped with a video/data projector for instruction and viewing student work. Videos can also be viewed in the screening room equipped with an HD video projector and surround sound system.

The computer lab adjacent to the film and video areas provides workstations for two- and three-dimensional animation, stop motion capture, image processing and audio/video editing and compositing. Software includes Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, iStopMotion, Dragon Stop Motion, Pro Tools LE  and various other software for producing animation and digital artwork. Additional hardware includes a flatbed scanner, digital copy/animation stands, digital rotoscope station, vocal isolation booth and various analog and digital audio/video decks. The animation lab also serves as a supplementary facility for students working with film, video and sound projects and is networked and equipped with an HD video/data projector with surround sound for instruction and viewing student work.


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