All News 2016


May 25

Robot Sumo Event Featured in Scientific American, Vice & Ars Technica

The annual End of Year Show event showcases the work of Prof. Brian Cusack's mechatronics class. The student-built robots fight to stay inside the ring for 60 seconds

May 17

Saskia Bos: The Valedictory Interview

The Dean of the School of Art will step down after seeing the class of 2016 graduate. We talk to her about her highs and lows as dean, as well as looking forward for the school and herself

May 16

President's Citations Announced for 2016 Commencement

At the 2016 commencement on May 24 John Leeper AR'85, William Morrison A'89 and Jason Banfelder ChE'93 & MChE'96 will receive a President's Citation, an honor not bestowed for several years

May 13

Senior Snapshots 2016: Albert Nerken School of Engineering

Devora Najjar, Peter Morfe, Jacqueline Le and Hailey Kim talk about their projects, their experiences and their future plans

May 09

Thesis Year Snapshots 2016

In the first installment of our annual series focusing on members of the graduating class, we meet Jemuel Joseph, Max Dowd and Cassandra Engstrom of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture

May 06

Three EE Seniors Win $10K in "Dream it. Code it. Win it."

Eugene Sokolov, Harrison Zhao and Sheryan Resutov took home an ingenuity prize for a glove that works like a computer mouse

May 03

Senior Snapshots 2016: School of Art

Christian Charles, Willie Stewart and Olivia Drusin talk about their experiences at Cooper, what they plan to do after graduation and the ways that music informed their art

May 02

Denise Young Smith to Deliver 2016 Commencement Address

The Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources at Apple Inc. is responsible for recruiting and retaining talent. "I am honored to speak with these Cooper students about how we can all build a better future, together," she says

April 26

Ironworkers Give Students a Lesson in Heavy Metal

April 20

Meet the Deans: Richard Stock

After nearly one full year, the Acting Dean of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering chats about how it has been going, what he sees as his role at the school and how his particular skill set meshes so well with his temporary position

April 19

First-ever Professional Faculty Grants Encourage Adjunct Research

We focus in on the work of the eight grant recipients from Humanities and Social Sciences

April 18

Fever Pitch: This Crucial Moment In The Fight To Stop Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Patrick Robbins, former CUISD associate, co-authored with Kaitlin Butler "Fever Pitch: This Crucial Moment In The Fight To Stop Fossil Fuel Infrastructure", a comparative look at the anti-fossil fuel movement in both Utah and New York on Naomi Klein's blog "The Leap".

April 18

Engineering Professors Have Their "One Shining Moment"

Watch the video featuring highlights from engineering faculty discussing their research projects with only three minutes on the clock during Cooper's own version of "March Madness"

April 13

Cooper Union Wins Regional Steel Bridge Competition

The steel bridge team not only designed and constructed a bridge, but also fabricated all the pieces used in the competition. We talked with some of the members

April 06

Infrastructure and New York City's Water, NYT April 4

The New York Times and NY1 turned to Kevin Bone for his perspective on Mayor Bill DeBlasio's decision (or was it?) to postpone completion of New York City's third water tunnel

April 01

Zaha Hadid 1950-2016

April 01

Professor Baglione and graduate student Michael Pimpinella co-author “The Use of Sound Level Meter Apps in the Clinical Setting"

Professor Baglione and graduate student Michael Pimpinella are co-authors on a journal publication titled “The Use of Sound Level Meter Apps in the Clinical Setting” in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Vol. 25, 14-28.

April 01

Professor Dell participated in a documentary film called This House Matters

Professor Dell participated in a documentary film called This House Matters by Tina Traster

April 01

Professor Mintchev co-authors "Wave generation in unindirectional chains of idealized neural oscillators"

Paper titled "Wave generation in unindirectional chains of idealized neural oscillators" co-authored by Professor Mintchev and B. Fernandez published in The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, vol 6:5.

March 30

Poets, Musicians, Scientists, Architects and Educators Celebrate "Our Common Home"

Organized as a response to Pope Francis' environmental encyclical "Laudato Si," over 500 guests cultivated a positive atmosphere of engaging dialogue, profound photography and creative performance

March 29

De-gendered Restrooms Attract International Attention

Following a decision by Acting President Bill Mea to remove gender-specific signage on all restrooms at The Cooper Union academic buildings, the U.S. edition of "The Guardian" calls the move "pioneering"

March 24

Professor Dell attended The Atlantic Roundtable Working Summit on Energy

The Atlantic Roundtable Working Summit on Energy hosted by the Atlantic Magazine discusses the supply and demand, new technology and changing nature of urban energy consumption

March 22

New Scholarships for High School Students to Attend Summer Art Program

March 21

Summer Challenge Fellowship: LAND-USE

As the second year of the Institute’s fellowship competition, we call for project proposals that focus on the relationships between the earth’s biological systems and human activities such as agriculture, deforestation, urbanization, and resource extraction.

March 18

Engineering Professor Speaks at Eastern Economic Association

March 14

Houston Alumni Meet with Cooper President, Dean and Staff

Acting President Bill Mea and Acting Dean of The Albert Nerken School of Engineering, Dr. Richard Stock, visited the ExxonMobil Houston Campus on Thursday, March 3 for a luncheon with Cooper alumni working for the company

March 11

Cooper 'Construction Crew' Writes Book about Architectural Materials

March 09

Blurring the Edges of Photography: Art Alumnae Featured in Guggenheim Show

A conversation with Leslie Hewitt '00 and Sara VanDerBeek '98 about how sculptural strategies inform their photography

March 01

Professor Lepek was awarded the Fulbright Scholar grant to research at Graz University of Technology in Austria

Professor Daniel Lepek has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and do research at Graz University of Technology in Austria during the 2015-2016 academic year.

February 26

Brian Swann's Eleventh Collection Wins Poetry Award

February 26

Kevin Bone presents at WATER+

The University of Manitoba's WATER+ conference on February 26th posited emerging relationships between human and natural systems with specific reference to water as an activating agent

February 25

David Wootton Awarded C.V. Starr Distinguished Professorship

The award was established by The Starr Foundation, which has made more than $3.3 billion in grants since its start in 1955

February 24

The Lubalin Center Launches a Virtual Flat File

The Herb Lubalin Study Center has launched a new website, Flat File, that will showcase singular works of graphic design from its collection on a weekly basis

February 23

Dean Tehrani's Firm Wins Two Awards from Boston Society of Architects

February 22

Prof. Osinski's New Book Gains Media Attention

"Summer Days: Staten Island," Prof. Christine Osinski's new book of photographs taken in "the forgotten borough," has gotten national and international media attention

February 18

School of Engineering Launches "From the Lab"

"From the Lab" Engineering Series highlighting interdisciplinary research launched with Bioengineering as the inaugural theme.

February 18

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Summary and Projections to FY20 Released

Bill Mea, vice president of finance & administration and acting president of The Cooper Union, releases his analysis of The Cooper Union’s financial condition, both in terms of its liquidity and the gap that must be bridged in order to cease reliance on tuition revenue.

February 10

In Conversation: Raffaele Bedarida & Jim Coddington, chief conservator of MoMA

On February 18 at 1.30 p.m. Raffaele Bedarida will have a free, public conversation with Jim Coddington, chief conservator of MoMA, about restoring the works of Jackson Pollack

February 08

In Memory of Prof. Manolis Kondopirakis

February 08

Diller and Scofidio Speak to Cooper's Architecture Students

February 07

Construction Matters Book Launch

A book launch for Construction Matters, by School of Architecture Associate Professor Georg Windeck.

January 28

Breaking Barriers for New York City High School Students

George Delagrammatikas, director of STEM outreach programs at The Cooper Union talks with Marina Gutierrez, director of the Saturday Program, in the first of a series we are calling "Cooper to Cooper: Conversations Across Disciplines"

January 27

Behind the 2016 Menschel Exhibitiion

Menschel Fellowship Program Director Sohnya Sayres gives her thoughts on the 19th annual showcase of student projects in art, architecture, design, and engineering

January 27

Memorial to Jan Palach, Designed by John Hejduk, Unveiled in Prague

Dedication ceremony for Jan Palach Memorial, designed by John Hejduk (AR '50), founding dean of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture.

January 26

Architectural Fun-damentals

"Architecture in Play," Professor Tamar Zinguer's new book, examines four key toys from the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries that embodied architectural notions of construction and manipulating form

January 25

Giving Back to the Future

The story behind the Howard Flagg Memorial Prize, a newly endowed award from former graduates to soon-to-graduate current students

January 20

Photo Gallery: STEM Days

Several Cooper engineering students returned to class earlier than expected when they served as instructors during two STEM days for high school students during the winter break

January 15

A Message on Behalf of the Free Education Committee -- Jan. 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Free Education Committee (“FEC”) of The Cooper Union Board of Trustees held its first meeting on January 12...

January 06

In Memory of Eugenie "Ersy" Schwartz

January 05

Art to Disrupt the Art Economy

Caroline Woolard A'07 uses her practice to imagine a new economic and political paradigm for artists and others


February 10

Professor Anita Raja receives NPS grant to investigate "Modeling Uncertainty and its Implications in Complex Interdependent Networks"

Professor Anita Raja receives NPS grant to investigate "Modeling Uncertainty and its Implications in Complex Interdependent Networks".

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